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Will I Have Dramatic Results from Vaser Lipo?

I am having Vaser Lipo on 5/19. I did my homework and found a very good board certified PS. My question is the results, I am just not sure what kind... READ MORE

When is the Best Time to Go for Vaser Liposuction?

So I've gone through a number of sites in the UK and all and still can't decide how and what to choose as there a number of articles and stuff telling... READ MORE

BMI over 40 due to subcutaneous fat. Would Vaser work for me?

Thinking about having VASER lipo,and I have researched the procedure(risks and benefits).I am obese,BMI 40.5.After being tested, I was informed that... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Vaser, laser or tumescent for me? I've done so much research and just don't know. (photo)

I really need help from the doctors. I'm 30, 5'6. I've been in fitness my whole life but had an injury so I gained like 20 lbs in the last 3 months. I... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for vaser lipo and sculpting? (photos)

I'm a 23 year old male looking for advise on getting that six Pac. I've done some research and it seems vaser Lipo with sculpting is the bestway to go... READ MORE

Is Vaser liposuction better for me than laser or tumescent if I've had previous liposuction? Please help me I can't decide!

I've done so much research I can't anymore. I've had previous lipo but I gained (I know I know it won't happen again lol). I want as much fat removed... READ MORE

Did I actually have Vaser liposuction? Confused

Hi! I had Vaser Liposuction done Saturday morning at a clinic in Turkey, I have been obsessing about it since then, I had done a lot of research on... READ MORE

Vaser permanence claims - changed in recent years?

I'm researching Vaser Lipo and the way it has been marketed - especially here in the UK, and am wondering if the claims for the procedure's permanence... READ MORE

Can Vaser lipo be performed by a MD?

I have never had a procedure done and Im regretting not doing the research I should have but I made a appointment for Vaser lipo and have found out... READ MORE

Arnica tablets?

I've bought arnica tablets ahead of my surgery on 5 October. My patient coordinator said to only take them after surgery but online forums say to... READ MORE

Vaserlipo or lipo, which is the best option for me? (Photo)

I will get upper and lower tummy done. I've been doing my homework but I'm stuck. READ MORE

Looking for a doctor who does Vaser High Def Lipo in the USA?

Looking at Instagram Dr Hoyos in Columbia is the man. Anyone in the USA have the same skills? READ MORE

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