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My stomach looks better for a short time after removing garment, then it sags again

I'm only two weeks out. I had Vaser Lipo and Smart Lipo combined. I had my abs, hips and saddlebags done. I don't notice a thing except a little bit... READ MORE

Please I Need Your Help About Scar Tissue Treatment After Vaser On Abdomen? (photo)

Hello I had vaser 3rd from 6 month for Abdominal the result wasnt that good . i remained swelling for around 4 months then i noticed swelling in the... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment option for removing belly fat?

I have been researching different type of treatments and I'm interested in vaser lipo and cool sculpting. The second one seems to be cheaper but would... READ MORE

I had 2much aquamid put into my cheeks 3 years ago.I had vaser lipo to remove it 3 times.

I feel not enough was removed.Would a 4th vaser help? The other 3 vasers reduced it to about half.Please help READ MORE

I plan to have Vaser Lipo to my abdomen and flanks. Is it advisable to try and lose some weight before procedure? (photo)

Is it advisable to try and lose some weight before procedure is done will this give you better results. From my pictures is it achievable to have a... READ MORE

Is Vaser liposuction better for me than laser or tumescent if I've had previous liposuction? Please help me I can't decide!

I've done so much research I can't anymore. I've had previous lipo but I gained (I know I know it won't happen again lol). I want as much fat removed... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo or skin removal? And what would be the cost? (photos)

I am 32 years old, and I lost over 20kgs 3 years ago. I had skin removed from my belly but my arms makes me feel so old, wondering if I should go for... READ MORE

I have a large pancake flap, around 30 pounds. Is it possible to have that much fat removed? (Photo)

Am I able to have that much day removed, and pay out of pocket? Or am I required to have a doctors referral? I just want my abdominal fat removed. Is... READ MORE

Has this incision reopened or become infected? (photos)

Have noticed an incision area being a little bothersome lately but seems worse today and doesn't seem to have healed like the rest. Sutures removed 2... READ MORE

Enlarged stomach 10 days post gynaecomastia surgery?

Forgive me if this seems absurd but i am 10 days post op (Vaser lipo with gland removal) and whilst the swelling / bruising is up & down on the... READ MORE

Can you remove/fill unwanted etched lines from vaser liposuction?

Even though I told my surgeon i didnt want any etching bc i already had nice abs, he still went ahead and carved a line in btw 2 of my... READ MORE

Surgeon say he can do a Vaser liposuction to remove silicone. Will it work?

I had silicone injections done about 3 years ago. i have no complications and had liposuction to the body (not the butt) and had fat transferred to... READ MORE

What procedures are available to remove lymphatic fluid 6 months post Vaser Lipo?

I've had no post op treatment from my surgeon. The right side of my abs is bigger than the left. No massage therapy or any other treatment has been... READ MORE

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