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Can micro lipo help me get a smaller waist and define my hips more for a more hourglass figure? Or do I have to get Vaser lipo?

I'm wondering about the best procedure for an hourglass figure (well as close to it at possible). Also can micro lipo give you a flat stomach? I am... READ MORE

Is Vaser Liposuction appropriate for patients with Lipedema (lipoedema)?

Hi, I am a Lipedema Patient. The normal procedure usually used for Lipedema patients is Water Assisted Liposuction. Some Lipedema patients have used... READ MORE

I have had Vaser Liposuction, I feel I have extra skin & I'm not happy with the results. What procedure is right for me? (photo)

Since I already had vaser on my whole stomach and outer thighs and knees. 1 liter of had was removed. I feel like there could have been more. I want... READ MORE

Is this part of the healing process or is this an irregularity from the vaser arm liposuction? (Photos)

When I raise my arms I feel a pulling and tightening sensation. Why are there lines like this under my arms? Is there not enough compression? Will... READ MORE

Did I actually have Vaser liposuction? Confused

Hi! I had Vaser Liposuction done Saturday morning at a clinic in Turkey, I have been obsessing about it since then, I had done a lot of research on... READ MORE

I have just had a vaser procedure and there is a lot of swelling. How long on average does it take for the swelling to go down?

Hello I have just had vaser lipo my bra rolls and flanks but can't see a difference My surgeon says that this is due to swelling but Im not convinced.... READ MORE

What is the absolute minimum down time if I was to get Vaser Lipo?

I want to get Vaser Lipo on my upper and lower abdomen, back and flanks, and was wondering if i was to get the procedure done on Saturday, would I be... READ MORE

Arnica tablets?

I've bought arnica tablets ahead of my surgery on 5 October. My patient coordinator said to only take them after surgery but online forums say to... READ MORE

What EXACTLY do I need to be doing post Vaser Lipo?

I am having the procedure in London,UK, in august (it is june now... for readers who may see this later). I have organised to go away with a family... READ MORE

What procedures are available to remove lymphatic fluid 6 months post Vaser Lipo?

I've had no post op treatment from my surgeon. The right side of my abs is bigger than the left. No massage therapy or any other treatment has been... READ MORE

Is it safe/smart to have a lipo and nose surgery done at the same time?

I'm considering having a Vaser lipo and want to correct my nose at the same time. I had a nose surgery more than 10 years ago but I was never happy... READ MORE

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