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Vaser Lipo Recovery

I am thinking of having Vaser liposelection done on my inner and outer thighs and also my love handles; howeve, the date I have in mind is only one... READ MORE

Extensiveness of Activity After Vaser Liposuction?

I spent the first two days after the Vaser Liposuction for my outer thighs (saddle bags) and upper thighs literally resting. However I wonder,... READ MORE

Burning Under Skin After Vaser Liposuction

Okay- this may be extremely premature, but I had VASER lipo on my hips/flanks/inner/outer thighs 5 days ago. My inner outer thighs look FANTASTIC - I... READ MORE

Vasered Legs - Will I Gain Weight in Other Parts of My Body?

I am getting vaser on my legs in december. my dr. recommended inner outer and medial. as of right now i am fairly thin and carry my weight in my... READ MORE

How Does Weight Loss or Gain Affect Vaser Lipo Results?

What will happen if I put on weight or lose weight after Vaser Lipo? What will happen to the shape of my legs? I only had Vaser Lipo on my outer thigh... READ MORE

The surgeon removed too much fat, so now my thighs and knees are disfigured. Is there some form of corrective surgery? (Photo)

I had Vaser Lipo on my inner and outer thighs and knees in 2011. The surgeon removed too much fat from my thighs and so now my thighs and Knees are... READ MORE

If I get 6 liters of fat removed re: Vaser/Smart Lipo combo, will I see a dramatic change in size and contour? (Photo)

I am considering inner/outer thighs, love handles (just above hip) and inner knees.How long would the recovery period be for swelling & bruising? Thanks READ MORE

Athenix Micro-body Contouring/ Vaser Lipo recovery expectations: 27 year-old female having inner/outer thighs done in a week.

I'm very active/healthy/fit- marathoner, cycling instructor. I eat clean. What's a realistic timeline for recovery; back on the bike instructing? I've... READ MORE

lumps and dimples on thighs after vaser lipo?

I had vaser on my outer thighs and the top of the thighs and knees about 5 months ago now , i have lumps and dimples and was wondering how long it... READ MORE

Looking for Experienced Surgeon for Lipoplasy Irregularity Correction

I had a bit too much taken out on my outer/back thigh from vaser lipo and am looking for a surgeon that practices the gentler method of fat... READ MORE

Vaser lipo to outer thighs - no bruising?

I am three days post op of of saddle bags and oddly have no bruising as yet?! I am very surprised at this as I normally bruise easily even when i bump... READ MORE

Will Vaser provide better results on my outer thigh and banana roll areas during BBL? (photos)

A board certified and experienced surgeon has recommended I get Vaser added to my BBL procedure, specifically to treat my outer thigh and "banana... READ MORE

Vaser liposuction and discolored skin. Is injury bruised? (Photo)

I had vaser liposuction 3.5 weeks ago to arms flanks, inner outer and anterior and posterior thighs. 4 liters removed. My doctor said this isn't a... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to reduce the appearance of the discolouration on my legs from Vaser liposuction 6 years ago? (Photo)

I had Vasor Liposuction on my outer thighs 6 years ago now and still have some bruising like discolouration which really puts my confidence down.... READ MORE

Vaser on inner and outer thighs. How much would it cost in Colorado?

I am looking into different options of getting rid of m thunder thighs and would like to know how much such procedure runs in CO? READ MORE

Wondering if I would be a good candidate for Hi-Def VASER Liposuction/Liposculpture? (photos)

I am considering having my outer thighs, back roll, love handles/hips, and lower abdominal (see pics) via Vaser vs "traditional" Lipo method. READ MORE

After Vaser Lipo on outer thighs, how do you know when swelling has gone? I don't feel swollen or look any different to pre op?

I had vaser lipo on my outer thighs 6 days ago. While I was obviously informed that there would be swelling and bruising &these could take weeks... READ MORE

How much fat was sucked? (Photo)

I had Vader lipo 11 weeks ago on my hips,inner and outer thighs and back of my legs.I was wondering how much fat was sucked in total what does it... READ MORE

Banana rolls developed after Vaser Lipo on outer thighs 3 years ago. What are my options surgical and non surgical? (photos)

I had Vaser lipo on my outer thighs (saddlebags) around 3 or 4 years ago. Ever since I had the procedure done, I have these banana rolls under each... READ MORE

Water retention on legs and feet after 5.5 months post op

I did vaser liposuction on inner and outer thighs. It's been 5.5months now and I still have water retention on my lower legs all the way down to my... READ MORE

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