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3 Months Post-Op Vaser Liposuction to Stomach, Flanks, and Thighs, Still no Reduction in Size, Normal?

As of today it has been 3 months since my liposuction of the stomach, flanks, hips, inner and outer thighs, and knees. I have no reduction in size of... READ MORE

vaser hi def: 5 weeks post surgery, no results and big frustration (Photo)

Hi , I am 5 weeks post revision vaser hi def surgery (1st was laser lipo 3 yrs ago). doctor said he removed all scar tissues and gave me good... READ MORE

2 weeks in with vaserlipo. I see absolutely no changes except for swelling and bruising. Am I on track?

I am 2 weeks in since I had vaser on all areas of my thighs, knees, and all around "spare tire." I see no changes at all. My fat is in the same exact... READ MORE

I'm 6 weeks post Vaser liposuction and I don't see any difference. What are some signs that this will change?

I am 6 weeks out from my VASER liposuction of outter thighs, inner thighs, lower abdomen and flanks. I'm worried because I see zero change. I feel... READ MORE

Vaser lipo 7 months ago - has it worked? (photos)

I had vaser lipo on my abdomen at the start of March, and now I can't really see any difference. Am I imgining it? Waist measurement is the same, same... READ MORE

I had vaser lipo on 4 areas in January and they took under 2L out. Why can't I see any difference?

My clothes feel no difference and I can still literally grab a handful of fat in the areas done READ MORE

I've done vaser liposuction for my 3 weeks ago I saw no difference till now. Any suggestions?

Hi. I'm 42 years old. 3 weeks ago I've done vaser lipo for my abdomen. I still don't see any difference at all. My abdomen still looks fat and as if... READ MORE

Follow-up: I'm 3 months (12 weeks) post Vaser, seeing no results. Starting to feel depressed. (photo)

I am 25, 5'2 110 LBs, very petite all around and wanted to get rid of the lower belly pooch pocket. 2 days after Vaser on lower abdomen, my stomach... READ MORE

No improvement 15 days after Vaser Lipo, stomach looks deformed, is this normal?

Hi, I had Vaser on my upper and lower abdomen 15 days ago. I am a small person, however after having 2 children, I had a small stomach so I decided t... READ MORE

No loss of centimeters since Vaser and BodyTite. Is this normal?

I had vaser liposuction done on the back an outer side of thighs and bodytite done on the inner side on the 1st of june. I have had no loss in... READ MORE

I'm 5'1", 143 lbs. I had 5 liters removed and no results after 1 month plus 2 lymphatic massages. Is this normal?

I understand that results may not be visible for up to 3 months, sometimes 6. I had my second lymphatic massage and the massage therapist even... READ MORE

I can't see a change after vaser lipo for upper arms and calves. Will they get thinner in time? (Photo)

I had the surgery done for these two areas (upper arms and calves) and I do see a slight difference in the calves area. I still believe more fat could... READ MORE

3 months after extensive VASER hi def, no weight loss, occasional pain and no visible change

I am a 28yo male who did a VASER hi def in the torso and flanks and normal vaser in the thighs. Thé day after the procedure felt great but ... READ MORE

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