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VASER Lipo - What is Considered One "Area"?

Please let me know what mean for two areas vaser lipo? inner and knee is mean two area or...? READ MORE

How Long is the Recovery for Vaser when Many Areas Are Treated?

Had upper, lower ABS, flanks, waist and sacrum done on 02/02/12 still not feeling well. READ MORE

What is the Amount of Time Between Two Vaser Procedures that I Should Wait?

I am planning on having a breast lift /augmentation with some vaser lipo for the back of the arms and side chest area. I also want to do vaser for my... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for the surgeries I've listed below? (Photo)

After doing my research I have figured out that i want vaser lipo in the abdomen & flanks, a Brazilian butt lift by way of fat transfer from by lower... READ MORE

Could you give me an expert opinion? (Photo)

For my torso, I have been thinking of vaser lipo? The breast area, one side is noticeably larger than the other, potential gyno? As far as the eyes, I... READ MORE

Professional massage post Lipo instead of self massage?

On December 18 - I had lipo inner & outer thigh, flanks, abdomen with a TT, BA & breast lift. My TT & BA are great, but I see very little difference... READ MORE

Will my scar and turkey neck disappear, ever? (Photo)

I'm 44 but looked older so I had Vaser Lipo 4 weeks ago and Thermage 5 days ago. I know it still needs time to heal but I just feel like it looks... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo & fat transfer to buttocks with only local sedation?

A well-respected physician in my city has a medi-spa where she performs Vaso Lipo and fat transfers. I called her office today and her nurse said its... READ MORE

Vaser lipo and BBL without tummy tuck? (Photo)

Do you think it's possible for lipo without tummy tuck? If not can tummy tuck wait? Does lipo work also right above vagina? I am hoping for Vaser lipo... READ MORE

Should I stop working out before Vaser lipo with fat transfer? Should I maintain or gain weight?

I am 5'5 118-123 lbs.My arm and leg muscle that I worked so hard for turned to fat after downtime from 2 BAs in one year.always been active 5-6x week... READ MORE

I had two operations, (1)Liposuction for my stomach and (2) VASER for my back 8 weeks ago. and I still feel TERRIBLE PAIN

I had the tow operations at the same day, it took me 7 hours. (1) after 10 day of the surgery, I had infection on my botton's stomach because the... READ MORE

Ruined results of Vaser with breast aug swelling? (Photo)

I had vaser liposuction 18 days ago, I began to see results after just three days, I could see definition and after one week looked great.. See... READ MORE

Vaser Hi Def to abdomen and hips. Vaser Hi Def to back and buttocks. Fat transfer to breast, face and lower eyelids (Photo)

Hi, do you think front and back could be done at the same time? If front and back should be done separately, do you think there will be enough fat for... READ MORE

I have not gained any fat cells back after third lipo. Did it become visceral or destroyed since we all have a certain amount.

I've had 3 lipos (smart , regular and finally vaser) to my abdominal area over the course of 8 years. People always thought I was pregnant... READ MORE

ACL reconstructive surgery and Vaser Lipo body sculpting?

Hello! I am having ACL repair in about two weeks. And I am supposed to be having VasoLipo Body Sculpting on my abdomen a week before. Is this going to... READ MORE

Advise on doing Vaser lipo and Breast lift with removal of implants?

Dear Doctors, Having unsuccessfully tired 2 liposuctions in the past and not being happy with the results was thinking of trying to go for Vaser Lipo... READ MORE

Confused about Vaser Lipo on upper arms and fat transfer to the breast

I was almost ready to book vaser lipo on upper arms. However Im now considering a fat transfer to the breast also. The clinic for my arms said they... READ MORE

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