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VASER High Def Lipo: Side Effects and Risks

I work out a good amount and I cannot shed the tiny layers of ab fat and love handles. I'm pretty thin (8% body fat) but the 'shredded'... READ MORE

Is Vaser Liposuction Best for Male Breast Reduction?

How much more often is vaser used compared to traditional lipo for men? READ MORE

How Long to Wear Compression Garment After Vaser Neck Lipo

I am 32 years old male with good skin and I am planning to go for NECK and jaw vaser lipo. My surgeon ( board certified) has suggested me to wear... READ MORE

When Will I See Skin Retraction After Vaser Lipo?

I am a 23 year old male. Just five months ago, I was in phenomenal shape, with a ripped six pack. However, a temporary condition caused me to gain 15... READ MORE

Realistic Expectations for Vaser Recovery?

I am 32 years male and planning to have Vaser liposuction in my abdomen and flanks only. I have seen some videos where the patient just walks out... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Lipo Brown Scars and Marks After Vaser Lipo - Will They Go Away?

I had a vaser lipo on the flanks 4 weeks ago and I see lot of red scars. I am afraid these should not be permanent. how long does it take to... READ MORE

Am I Dealing with Vaser Lipo Swelling or Left over Fat?

I'm a 31 yo male, 6'0", 180 lbs. Two weeks ago, I had vaser on my lovehandles. The doctor went in through the center of my lower back. I... READ MORE

Vaser vs Vaser High-Def ~What's the Difference?

I'm looking for a procedure that will make my 6-pack visible. I'm in shape, my body fat is around 14%. I did some research online and found out that... READ MORE

Hard Lump Under Nipple After 6 Months?

I had vaser lipo on my chest (male) 6 months ago, I still have some pain from time to time and my left side is often sore and feels hard under the... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Get Defined Abs If I Get Vaser Hi Def After Having A Mini Tummy Tuck?

I wanted to have Vasor Hi Def to help bring my six pack to the surface. I spoke to a plastic surgeon in London. Vasor Hi Def to the upper and lower... READ MORE

Is UltraShape or Vaser Lipo Selection Safe for a Diabetic?

I'm a male insulin dependent diabetic Type I in my mid 30's, in very good health very good health. Would this stop me having UltraShape or Vaser Lipo... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo on Chin. Does This Sound Like a Typical Procedure?

Am a healthy fit 38y male. Had vaser lipo on chin minor fat issues. Whole procedure lasted about 15 mins. Local anaesthetic 2 incisions then straight... READ MORE

When Will I See Results After Vaser Lipo to Chest and Flanks?

I'm a male and im 3 weeks post op now, vaser to my chest and flanks. I can see a massive difference in my chest but nothing to my flanks, is this... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between VASER Lipo, VASER HiDef, VASER Liposculpture and VASER D2, D3 or D4?

My husband is 62, and has been working out all his life. It has become impossible to get rid of the fat deposits in the groin, flanks and lower abs.... READ MORE

Lumps and Bumps After Revision Vaser Lipo?

I am a 51 year old male, and had Vaser Liposuction done 6 months ago to my stomach, "love handles", back, and "moobs". I wore a compression garment... READ MORE

Do I Need Mini-abdominoplasty As Well As Vaser Hi-Def? (photo)

I went to visit a Vaser Hi-Def surgeon in London and he advised that if I wanted to get a good 6-pack that I would need to have a mini-abdominoplasty... READ MORE

vaser hi def: 5 weeks post surgery, no results and big frustration (Photo)

Hi , I am 5 weeks post revision vaser hi def surgery (1st was laser lipo 3 yrs ago). doctor said he removed all scar tissues and gave me good... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo on 25 Year Old Male Athlete

Hi I'm 25yrs old,athlete, I'm planning to go for vaserlipo but don't know if I'm right candidate for ir.I'm 5'3 tall n... READ MORE

Will the Real Answer for Vaser Lipo Please Stand Up?

I am a 44 YO male, 5' 10" 180lbs with a 33" waist and your typical problem abdomen area and flanks. I had a consult with DR1 who said he could reduce... READ MORE

Will Vaser Lipo Help Me? (photo0

21 year old male Training for 6 years now, cant achieve what i want , and i believe I have bad skin quality "what the doctor said" he said I only have... READ MORE

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