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Is a lymphatic drainage massage essential after Vaser liposuction? If so, when should I have one?

Is it essential to have lymphatic drainage massage after vaser liposuction? Is so how soon should I have one? I'm just over 11 days post vaser... READ MORE

I keep reading about lymphatic drainage. What is it?

Is this something my dr should have done? I'm 5 months post vaser and I had a 1 week and a 15 week post op and nothing was done at either appt. no... READ MORE

Is it safe for me to have Vaser Lipo if I have lymphatic drainage difficulties in my legs? (photos)

My legs get very swollen and puffy from morning to evening, the skin is not toned and I have lots of water retention , my body shape is pear and I... READ MORE

Very worried about Vaser lipo results on thighs, no results, did I just waste $6,000?

Hello, I had Vaser liposuction on the outter, inner, and front of my thighs about 2.5 weeks ago. There was about 1500 ccs removed. When I went in for... READ MORE

What can I do now? Was my Vaser lipo botched? (photos)

It's taken over a year for the sensation in my stomach to settle down but even now i can't have too much pressure on it without stabbing pains. I've... READ MORE

I have had vaser lipo on my lower abdomen, pubic and thighs. Today is day 12. What happens if I don't have a lymphatic drainage?

The vaser lipo was done on my inner, outer and front thighs, as well as my lower abdomen and pubic. The days after the op my pubic was really swollen... READ MORE

How long after vaser liposuction of full abs and full back can I start lifting weights?

My doctor said to go light and my massage therapist that is doing the lymphatic drainage told me to not to any abs workouts...only cardio. im 5 weeks... READ MORE

Is it scar tissue that I feel under the skin of my abs and hips after vaser lipo?

I never had any post vaser lipo treatment (1 week, 15 week and 7 month) He never did any massage or lymphatic draining. At my 3rd post op at 7months,... READ MORE

Soreness and fatigue 5 weeks post Vaser liposuction. Was too much fat removed?

I had vaser lipo 5 weeks ago on my lower abdomen, flanks and thighs - 3.5 litres was removed (1 litre from flanks). I went into the surgery weighing... READ MORE

What procedures are available to remove lymphatic fluid 6 months post Vaser Lipo?

I've had no post op treatment from my surgeon. The right side of my abs is bigger than the left. No massage therapy or any other treatment has been... READ MORE

Massage therapy for lymphatic drainage?

Never had any. 1 year 9 months ago had vaser lipo with no post surgery treatment. Is it to late for massage therapy. How do I find a therapist? READ MORE

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