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I had vaser lipo 7 weeks ago. Will it ever look better? I have very hard lumpy patches with very uneven skin tone.

The results at present is that I have very hard lumpy patches with very uneven skin tone and bunching of skin on some places. I have had manual... READ MORE

Can this botched Vaser liposuction be fixed? (Photo)

I'm looking for a plastic surgeon to correct my botched vaser liposuction I had just over 4 years ago. Do you think this is fixable? I have fatty... READ MORE

What is the real recovery time? Will this get better? How long do I need to wear compression garments?

I had vaser lipo 5 weeks ago on my stomach. Skin is lumpy, have some area where the skin color is darker than my normal skin tone. The doctor seems to... READ MORE

4 week post vaser liposuction, and I hate my results. How soon can I have a revision?

I am 4 weeks post op and hate my results from my vaser, it's nothing like when I first saw it 1 day post up, it's lumpy and I barely have any... READ MORE

How long after vaser lipo should I see a result. (photos)

I had vaser lipo on my stomach and flanks over 2 and1/2 months ago and I still have a lot of fat and lumpy deposits. Not the result I expected! Should... READ MORE

I had vaser lipo 11 months ago. Should my tummy still look lumpy? (Photo)

I had Vaser Lipo over a year ago and the results came out very uneven and lumpy so 3 months later the doctor tried to fix it and till now its been 11... READ MORE

Lumpy arms after Vaser Liposuction, is this normal?

I've had vaserlipo done on my upper arms 3 weeks ago.  My arms are extremely lumpy on the inside, painful but at the same time numb and I have... READ MORE

Will Vaser lipo improve scar tissue?

Hi, I am 37 years old and thinking about getting Vaser Lipo 4 D (not sure what the difference is between that and Vaser Lipo) I had traditional lipo... READ MORE

3000cc taken out half water rest fat I weigh 155 before went in 129 at the most my stomach is lumpy. Any suggestions? (photo)

My stomach is lumpy and uneven I'm 6moths after I deep tissue rubbed did everything I could. It never worked now I'm heavier than I have ever been in... READ MORE

Would Vaser Lipo help reduce my disproportionate thighs? Would extending TT around help tighten outer lumpy thigh & bum? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck and thigh lift 2 months ago( after MWL of 60kg), but I think that I should of had a baser Lipo and a lift all the way around as my... READ MORE

Why are my inner thighs lumpy and slightly wrinkled looking one year after Vaser lipo? (Photos)

I had liposuction done in April of 2016 and ever since, my inner thighs, especially the left, are lumpy and kind of wrinkled and saggy looking. I can... READ MORE

What is this crease? 3 weeks after Vaser Lipo. (photos)

Hello.and thank you in advance for any advice.. I'm 3 weeks tomorrow from having vaser lipo and I'm a bit worried about this crease in my upper abs... READ MORE

I had Vaser done12/23/15 on multiple areas. Everywhere looks great except for the lower abdominal area which is lumpy and wavy.

I'm 37, no kids & have always been close to my ideal weight, no abd sx, etc. The surgeon indicated at my last f/u appt. that this was probably inner... READ MORE

Why is my skin lumpy after liposuction?

I had vaser liposuction done 4months ago on my flanks, lower abdomen and back area. The results are that my love handles are gone.My main... READ MORE

How much lipo is this?

I had upper/lower abs and waist/flanks/lowback vaser liposuctioned. Im 5'8 and 160 and my doc said she took out 3000cc of fat with vaser. Just... READ MORE

Is Vaser liposuction more likely to leave your skin smooth and not lumpy?

Im going back to my surgeon on the 15th august as im not happy how my results after 3 years are. ive been looking at vaser lipo and wondering if this... READ MORE

Will Vaser liposuction improve the appearance of my thighs?

Under natural or halogen light, my thighs look lumpy; the cellulite is quite obvious that is why I am staying away from shorts. I am 49 years old, a... READ MORE

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