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Is Having a Small Lump on Right Side of Lower Abdomen After Vaser Normal?

I am 4 wks post op from vaser on lower abdomen and flanks. Results elsewhere are good. READ MORE

Recovery After Vaser Liposuction - What to Expect and What to Do?

I've had Vaser done about 10 days ago on my lower/upper tummy area, love handles and back - mostly perfect-ionizing my body shape. While my back is ok... READ MORE

Does Swelling from Vaser Lipo Cause Fluid Retention?

I got vaser lipo on my lower abdomen, lower flanks, and inner thighs almost 4 months ago. I am still lumpy and swollen and my weight has really shot... READ MORE

How long does swelling, numbness and soreness from Vaser Lipo typically last? (photo)

I had Vaser Lipo done on my lower and upper abs and flanks on April 18th, 2104. I am pretty lean, 14% Body Fat, workout and eat extremely well. It has... READ MORE

How Did I Get a Large Hematoma After Minor Vaser Lipo to my Lower Abs?

7 days after my op I had my 3rd massage although termed deep tissue. 2 hours later my whole abdomen swelled like never before and I was rushed to... READ MORE

I'm 6 weeks post Vaser liposuction and I don't see any difference. What are some signs that this will change?

I am 6 weeks out from my VASER liposuction of outter thighs, inner thighs, lower abdomen and flanks. I'm worried because I see zero change. I feel... READ MORE

Why is my lower abdomen hard and tender to the touch? (photos)

I am 10 days post op and the results after the 1st few days were amazing. However fast forward a few days later I look like I did pre op. My lower... READ MORE

Flying 3/12 weeks after vaser lipo procedure okay?

I have a series of business trips (3 to be exact) that are scheduled about 3 1/2 weeks after my lipo procedure. Most of which are from the west coast... READ MORE

Is Vaser Liposuction Right for Me?

I had a hysterectomy 4 years ago and since then I have noticed that my lower abdomen is extremely "puffy" it looks like it was inflated. I am not... READ MORE

During Vaser Liposuction, how many incisions are made for treatment to the upper and lower abdomen?

I'm considering vaser liposuction and doing my research. I suffer however, from keloidal skin and ended up with keloid scars after my breast... READ MORE

Sexual intercourse after Vaser Lipo?

I am a male, considering getting VASER Lipo on upper & lower abdomen, flanks and chest - along with gynocomastia incision to remove breast tissue.... READ MORE

Would Vaser Liposuction be good for me? (photos)

Would Vaser lipo be good for me ? I have some stretch marks and I THINK some loose skin on my lower abdomen. If vaser lipo would not be good for me.... READ MORE

2 months post Vaser and I feel like I look the same (Photo)

I had vaser done December 9, 2016 on my lower abdomen, almost 2 months ago. The day after Vaser my stomach was flat. I know I'm small and didn't have... READ MORE

What are these painful lumps and when will they go away?

I had vaserlipo 2 weeks ago on flanks/ lower abdomen. Looks good except for painful lumps on both flanks and front of hips. Compression garments,extra... READ MORE

Lower abdomen pooch back 2 weeks after Vaser Lipo. Is it swelling or am I at risk of losing the results I saw on day 5? (Photo)

I had Vaser Liposuction on the full abdomen, flanks and chest. I previously had a pooch on the lower abdomen and I was so happy to see the results on... READ MORE

I had Vaser Lipo on upper and lower abdomen and flanks 8 weeks ago. Flanks were the priority but still have very bad swelling.

My flanks look the same as before the vaser due to what im hoping is swelling. How long will it take for the swelling to go? All other swelling has... READ MORE

How should the pressure of MLD massage be post vaser lipo?

I had Vaser Lipo done on my knees, inner and outer thigh and lower abdomen, I visited an MLD therapist for the MLD massage, she was heavy handed,... READ MORE

10 days post Vaser: my belly goes inward if I bend my legs when lying down. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 10 days post Vaser to lower abdomen, inner/outer thighs and flanks. If I lie down and try to bend my legs towards my belly, the belly goes inward... READ MORE

Soreness and fatigue 5 weeks post Vaser liposuction. Was too much fat removed?

I had vaser lipo 5 weeks ago on my lower abdomen, flanks and thighs - 3.5 litres was removed (1 litre from flanks). I went into the surgery weighing... READ MORE

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