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Ankles and Feet Swollen After Vaser Liposuction

I had a Vaser Liposuction (13 days ago) for the love handles, inner thighs, banana rolls and knees. Only aprx 700cc of fat was removed in total, yet... READ MORE

The surgeon removed too much fat, so now my thighs and knees are disfigured. Is there some form of corrective surgery? (Photo)

I had Vaser Lipo on my inner and outer thighs and knees in 2011. The surgeon removed too much fat from my thighs and so now my thighs and Knees are... READ MORE

How Long Will Edema Last After VASER Liposuction? 30 Yr Old Female

8 days post-op after VASER lipo on my abdomen, lower back, flanks, and inner knees. Most of the swelling/bruising in the treated areas has subsided... READ MORE

What is the difference between Vaser lipo and tumescent lipo?

I am 5'5 128lb athletic, ranging 18-20% body fat. Needs to get rid of stubborn fat and cellulite inner thigh, above knee and back of leg. Which would... READ MORE

Vaser Hi Def Lipo Good for Knees?

I have read that vaser hi def is better on fibrous areas which a knee is not. In general are results good for inner knees? READ MORE

If I get 6 liters of fat removed re: Vaser/Smart Lipo combo, will I see a dramatic change in size and contour? (Photo)

I am considering inner/outer thighs, love handles (just above hip) and inner knees.How long would the recovery period be for swelling & bruising? Thanks READ MORE

Vaser Lipo on medial thighs, knees and calves. Is this bruising typical after 5 days? (Photo)

Since my surgery I've had severe pain on my left side especially on my left calf. I've done everything my surgeon suggested. Is this a cause for concern? READ MORE

2 weeks in with vaserlipo. I see absolutely no changes except for swelling and bruising. Am I on track?

I am 2 weeks in since I had vaser on all areas of my thighs, knees, and all around "spare tire." I see no changes at all. My fat is in the same exact... READ MORE

14 mo post-op lipo. What went wrong? Are there any tx/options that will improve the deformaties? (photos)

Lipo: med/lat thigh, med knee. Board cert surgeon in LR, AR.  After surgery told she lipo front/back thighs/butt to reduce heavyness. Comp... READ MORE

lumps and dimples on thighs after vaser lipo?

I had vaser on my outer thighs and the top of the thighs and knees about 5 months ago now , i have lumps and dimples and was wondering how long it... READ MORE

1 year post op of Vaser Liposuction, what options do I have to improve the look of my thighs/knees? (photos)

I have had a vaser lipo procedure a year ago on thighs and knees and have been left with noticeable bulges suprapatellar especially when viewed from... READ MORE

Vaser and Blood seepage. Should I be worried?

Hi. I am getting vaser lipo next week (saddle bags, flanks and kness). I am concerned about the amount of blood you leak. I am taking folic acid pills... READ MORE

I had Vaser Liposuction 5 days ago on my inner thighs, outer thighs ,& knees. When can I expect the swelling to reduce?

I am generally slim and my doctor said he only removed 750ml of fat, so it was rather shaping the area. I am very swollen and i don't see much of... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo: How soon can I see the shape that I got? (Photo)

I have Vaser lipo done yesterday. It was extremely painful during the operation and is more painful now. I am all bruised up and swollen. I am 28, had... READ MORE

On 22 April 2015 I had vaser lipo on my outer and inner thighs, inner knees and side buttocks. Can I get a revision?

I now have gone from a shapely woman's butt to a man looking butt..too straight and no curves. I am 5foot 3 and weigh 56 kilos. and have no fat to use... READ MORE

Vaser/ Smart Lipo Combo. Is this risky?

6 Years ago I had a pulmonary embolism after a tummy tuck procedure. Now I am interested in having my inner/ outer thighs and inner knees done with a... READ MORE

It's my one month post surgery. I have doubt, please help (Photo)

Hi it's my one month post surgery ..I got Vaser done on my abdomen thighs back and knees..first day 2 day I was happy with my abdomen although thigh... READ MORE

Vaser on thin skin? (Photo)

I am a 21 year old female who is booked in for vaser liposuction (flanks/abdomen/thighs/knees) in a months time with Dr Mike commins Hans place. He... READ MORE

I had 900cc of fat removed 30 Aug 2014, and 6 days before, 900cc with vaser hi def. Is it too little? How much weight? (Photo)

I have done many areas, abdomen, waist, love handles, lower back, upper arms, back of shoulders and knees READ MORE

How should the pressure of MLD massage be post vaser lipo?

I had Vaser Lipo done on my knees, inner and outer thigh and lower abdomen, I visited an MLD therapist for the MLD massage, she was heavy handed,... READ MORE

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