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VASER High Def Lipo: Side Effects and Risks

I work out a good amount and I cannot shed the tiny layers of ab fat and love handles. I'm pretty thin (8% body fat) but the 'shredded'... READ MORE

vaser hi def breast augmentation

I am very athletic (5"9"- 128lb), love to run and lift weights, and would like to get a breast lift with implants to a size C cup (I am... READ MORE

Vaser Hi Def Liposuction - No 6 Pack?

Hi, I had Vaser Hi Def done last week. I have quite big swelling ( tummy seems bigger than before ) and no 6 pack is visible :( is it normal for 6... READ MORE

Conflicting information about Vaser HiDef - is it just an illusion? or is it actually better than just Vaser lipo? (Photo)

Hypothetically, gram for gram for the same patient for the same area (say entire stomach/abs), will more fat be removed with Vaser Lipo or Vaser HD?... READ MORE

What is the difference between Vaser 4D and Vaser Hi Def

I have heard different things from different Doctor's. The claim is that 4D Vaser offers a more natural look, where there's more movement. However, a... READ MORE

vaser hi def: 5 weeks post surgery, no results and big frustration (Photo)

Hi , I am 5 weeks post revision vaser hi def surgery (1st was laser lipo 3 yrs ago). doctor said he removed all scar tissues and gave me good... READ MORE

2 months after vaser lipo on abdomen and flanks, no results ? (photos)

I went under vaser lipo hi def on 1st Dec for my abdomen and flanks, almost 2 months has gone by and I hardly see any improvement specially on my... READ MORE

I'm 45 yr old gym Fit male, am I a candidate for Vaser or Hi Def? (photos)

I recently visited two surgeons and I am quite confused I have lost a bit of weight, and I am a regular gym goer. I have a lot of muscle, but it is... READ MORE

Vaser hi def. Is this line normal? The abs are not clear (Photo)

I have this line on my left side which i feel strech more than right side and i feel like i have the same amount of fat befor maybe because of... READ MORE

Are Vaser and hi-def Vaser synonymous?

I am planning on scheduling a liposuction procedure for my upper arms. The surgeon that I think I am going to go with uses Vaser. I have been reading... READ MORE

Is this swelling normal after upper arm vaser?

5 days ago I have done vaser hi def on my upper arms. The doctoer ask me not to wear compression garment. The first day it started to swell but with... READ MORE

Which Atlanta doctors do High-Def Vaser Lipo in office? (Photo)

I know that procedures done in a hospital usually incur the facility fee and add a sizable chunk of change to the cost. Just curious which surgeons do... READ MORE

Hi-Def Vaser on upper/lower abs, upper/lower back, flanks and arms on the same day - is this safe? (Photo)

I'm 123 lb. no children. Considering Hi-Def Vaser on upper/lower abs, upper/lower back , flanks and arms on the same day. Is this safe? Dr suggested... READ MORE

I have lost around 20 kilos over the year. I'm currently 77 kilos (169 lbs), I'm looking to do Vaser Hi Def (Photo)

What results should I expect from Vaser Hi Def. I suspect some lose skin, I also have some Stretch marks on my abdomen. I'm considering using Dr... READ MORE

Does high definition Vaser Lipo tighten the muscle of the abdomen?

2) If the musles are crafted with fat cells, will it look bad when weigh is regained later? READ MORE

High Def Vaser?

All I seem to read about is "High Def" Vaser now but a couple of years ago before it seemed to be more of a gentler alternative to regular Lipo. Has... READ MORE

Hi Def Liposuction revision? (photo)

Is vaser 4D liposuction in anyway reversable? The Results are upsetting and look unatural. I know it will never look totally normal again but is there... READ MORE

Vaser hi def looks like a drawing (Photo)

I am thinking of having this procedure done however this photo on the internet puts me off a bit. It looks to me like a drawing! It says that the... READ MORE

What's the general cost of High Def Vaser Lipo Sculpture?

What's the general cost of High Def Vaser Lipo Sculpture? What's the side affects of High Def Vaser Lipo Sculpture? What's the recovery time of High... READ MORE

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