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Very Flat and Hard Abdomen Post-VASER Liposelection

I had VASER Lipo done on my upper and lower stomach. It has now been three weeks, and my stomach is a lot flatter than before, and feels very hard,... READ MORE

Bodytite/Vaser Liposuction Scarring

Hi, I had Bodytite Lipo 2 and a half months ago. It didn't work. The clinic I went to were con artists. I am in the process of getting my money... READ MORE

Will the hard lumps after vaser liposuction improve?

I received vaser liposuction about 11 months ago. I had upper arms,  outer thighs, and my abdomen. Initially my arms were the most painful and... READ MORE

I Had Vaser Lipo and Was Fine but then Started Accumulating Fluid, and Now My Stomach is Hard. I'm Worried, What's Causing This?

I had vaser lipo then went back to work everything was fine went back in 5 days later had some fluid on my lower ab doc drained me got home n mt... READ MORE

I have found a dent on my left hip post vaser lipo. Is this something i should schedule an appointment for? (Photos)

I noticed a dent on my left hip 5 days post op, since massaging it, i noticed the dent has gotten worse and very tender. There is a part of it that... READ MORE

Rock hard abdomen 3 months after vaser lipo. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had vaser lipo 3 months ago on whole abdomen, flanks and lower back. My results are fantastic but my abdomin remains very hard from midriff down to... READ MORE

Hard/swollen Abdomen 4 Months Post-op,seems Bigger and Fat Harder to Shift Than Before. Afraid Another Surgery Will Do Damage?

Moreover,the fat on my abdomen now seems unnaturally hard/scarred.During the tricky procedure,the surgeon had problems working the cannula around my... READ MORE

Why is my lower abdomen hard and tender to the touch? (photos)

I am 10 days post op and the results after the 1st few days were amazing. However fast forward a few days later I look like I did pre op. My lower... READ MORE

I just want an honest answer, is this normal? One month post op. (Photo)

I am starting to wonder if I am totally deformed at this point. I am afraid to even go back to the doctor that performed my procedure. I feel like my... READ MORE

How long to recover from Vaser lipo? (Photo)

I had vaser lipo on my jawline and new one month ago. It is still swollen and hard in various areas. The area can change every couple of days or so. I... READ MORE

4 months post op Vaser Liposuction, will wearing a compression garmet do anything now? (photos)

(See before photos on my profile) -removed 500 cc's - wore compression garmet for the first couple of weeks then PS said I was all set - i massaged... READ MORE

Smart or vaser liposuction?

Hi there, was just wonder if skin becomes hard after smart lipo? I see a lot of people with hard tummies and wonder if its still as soft and feels... READ MORE

How can I get rid of extremely hard swollen areas at vaser lipo locations?

I had 2 x surgery. One on 9th Oct (vaser inner/outer thighs, upper arms, flanks, chin & tummy tuck). The second on the 19th Oct (vaser back and breast... READ MORE

Is there a way to treat calcified seromas or is it possible I will be left with these hard lumps?

I am almost 7 wks post vaser on my inner thighs. At 2 wks large Seromas developed on both legs. They were drained once but before my surgeon could... READ MORE

I had a Vaser lipo done last week. I'm building up fluid. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a Vaser lipo done last week, today I took the compression garment off for a shower my lower right hand is full of fluid some part of my belly is... READ MORE

Hard lump areas in abdomen. How can I take care of this issue?

I have hard lump areas in my abdomen that are too painful to massage . I am 4 weeks post op and I had Vaser lipo. I wear my compression garment... READ MORE

What can I do to relieve the pain and size of hard lumps on my waist line after Vaser Lipo? (Photo)

I had lipovaser on my back and love handles a week ago. They had left a little tube in my lower back to drain but they removed it after three days. Im... READ MORE

Pain and hard thighs after Vaser. How long does this last?

I had vaser lipo done 10 days ago on my inner, outer thighs, and knees. My outer thighs are fine...no pain or swelling. My thighs are horrible.... READ MORE

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