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Very Flat and Hard Abdomen Post-VASER Liposelection

I had VASER Lipo done on my upper and lower stomach. It has now been three weeks, and my stomach is a lot flatter than before, and feels very hard,... READ MORE

Will abdominal vaser lipo give me a flat stomach?

I've had several tummy tuck consultations and all surgeons recommend a tummy tuck with vaser lipo. What if I only did vaser lipo of the abdominal,... READ MORE

Why is my stomach no longer flat? Almost 5 months after vaser lipo of abdomen and I still have tummy bulge! (photos)

I'm almost 5 months post vaser lipo of my full abdomen. Immediately after I had a flat stomach and now it is flat when I am laying on my stomach and... READ MORE

3 week post operative. Will my chest get flatter? (Photo)

I have been dealing with mild to moderate case of gynecomastia and 3 weeks ago I had gyno surgery,Only Vaser lipo was done as the doctor said there... READ MORE

Skinny person, vaser liposuction & seroma formation (10cc) 4 weeks/ 4 days post op, aspirated multiple times. Any suggestion?

I am now 4 weeks and 4 days post op. I did vaser liposuction for my abdomen and love handles with fat transfer to my butt region. I am small thing... READ MORE

Can micro lipo help me get a smaller waist and define my hips more for a more hourglass figure? Or do I have to get Vaser lipo?

I'm wondering about the best procedure for an hourglass figure (well as close to it at possible). Also can micro lipo give you a flat stomach? I am... READ MORE

Is vaser lipo suitable for an 18 year old?

I am 18 years old and I've got a flat buttocks, but my weight is 63kg and height is 1.70m I'm not sure if my age and weight and height is suitable to... READ MORE

I plan to have Vaser Lipo to my abdomen and flanks. Is it advisable to try and lose some weight before procedure? (photo)

Is it advisable to try and lose some weight before procedure is done will this give you better results. From my pictures is it achievable to have a... READ MORE

Vaser lipo 5 weeks ago. Will it get any flatter than this? (photo)

I had vaser lipo on my upper/lower abdomen, flanks and mid back 5 weeks ago, and whilst I can see a definite improvement, I'm a little disappointed... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for me, for flat tummy and breast reduction? (Photo)

I am 30 years old, single, I wish to have flat tummy, breast reduction, love handles and back to be shaped. I am 5 feet and weighing 80 constantly... READ MORE

Can it take 12 months for swelling to completely go after Vaser Lipo?

I am 7 months post vaser lipo on my abs... few months in my stomach looked so flat but now it looks a little swollen at the bottom and definition is... READ MORE

I had Vaser Lipo done 4 days ago - my belly is sticking out a lot still. (Photos)

Most people I see who have had this have a flat abdomen straight away.... is this how it will stay, has my surgeon not taken enough out? Thank you :)... READ MORE

Third time having chest treated, vaser x twice and gland removal, why isn't my chest flat? (photos)

Hi So, I had vaser done once including my chest, it looked better but not flat, I went back and had vaser again which again imporved results but still... READ MORE

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