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Is 8 Months of HRT OK for Vaser Lipo? (photo)

Hello Doctors! I'm a 22y/o,5' 7",151lbs, Male to Female transsexual woman (pre-operative) with 8 months of HRT. I'm interested in... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction Plus Traditional Lipo and Fat Transfer?

I would like to have a lipo performed on my thighs, hips,love handles, lower stomach, inner knees and ankles. and then have a fat grafting procedure... READ MORE

Is Vaser Liposuction a Good Choice When Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Will the fat stay on my butt my doctor said 70% will stay , they are going to do vaser first? READ MORE

Revision Using Fat Graft/transfer to Stomach?

Leftw/ unevenness & irregularities from vaser.Going in for a fatgraft/revise, taking fat from the uneven flank .i have looked for b&a pics of... READ MORE

Comparative Results of Vaser 4D + Fat Transfer versus Pectoral Implants?

Can Vaser 4D + Fat Transfer match the results of Pectoral Implants in terms of visual projection and bulk added. Or would both combined be far... READ MORE

Vaser liposuction on face and neck, is it successful and how long is the downtime? Is there anything I should be worried about?

I am thinking if having vaser liposuction on my neck with the fat being transferred to my face. I am 58 years ild and weigh 65kgs. Is it successfull... READ MORE

Vaser lipo and fat graft to bum, 2 litres of fat removed, how much could I of had injected into my bum?

Hi I have had vaser lipo surgery and fat transfer BBL to buttocks,the doctor said he removed 2 litres of fat,and they have told me I have had 400cc... READ MORE

Vaser lipo or traditional lipo for fat graft to breast? (Photos)

How is Vaser lipo different/better than traditional lipo for fat graft to breast? I see photos here in RS that has 300-600cc transferred. The pre-op... READ MORE

Fat graft. What kind of result should I expect?

I recently had a fat graft to correct an indentation in my stomach following vaser lipo. The surgeon harvested the fat from the legs but did not... READ MORE

Can I have fat transfered back to oversucked thighs? (photos)

Can i have fat transfered back to oversucked thighs? would it help if i gain weight? i had vaser hd with a very famous colombian doctor, i ended up... READ MORE

Self prep for lipo and fat transfer?

So I'm about to get Vaser lipo from abdomin and flanks and will then have the fat injected into m calfs....just a few questions: 1. Should I stop... READ MORE

Can I have fat transfered to my over-lipo'd arms? (photos)

My arms were deformed by vaser hd by a very famous colombian doctor. my right arm is much thinner than my left arm. can i have fat transfered to my... READ MORE

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