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Where Does Fat Go when Weight Gain Occurs After Vaser Liposuction?

I'm considering having Vaser Liposuction done to my abdomen, flanks and arms. I wonder, where would the fat go if I gain weight? I am a size 34D and... READ MORE

How Does VASER Liposelection Affect Dark Skin and Ethnic Skin?

I am sonsidering Vaser surgery and was told there is a difference between SmartLipo and Vaser surgery, since I saw the comments of Smart/Cool Lipo on... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo or Smart Lipo for Calf and Thigh Fat?

I'm a 31 year old female who's undergone Endermologie, excercise, and diet to minimize the appearance of cellulite and fat deposits. To my dismay,... READ MORE

Is This Swelling, A Missed Area, or "Final" Result? (photo)

I'm 2 mos from abdominal VASER under G.A. 700 cc were removed. I'm 5'7 & 155 lbs. I asked my doc this week if the flab (see pic)... READ MORE

Is Vaser Liposuction Advisable Before Marriage?

I am female, 26, single and weigh 63 kgs (138 lbs) with 5'2" height size: 34", 27", 40". I have a nice figure but genetically I... READ MORE

When Can I See Vaser High Definition Results?

I recently had my full abdomen done with Vaser High Definition. It has been 6 days and I haven't achieved any of the results I expected. I actually... READ MORE

Possible to Do with Vaser Lipo for my Body Fat?

I'm going to do Vaser Lipo next week. Before I do Vaser Lipo, what I should do with my upper and lower stomach? It looks big and uncomfortable for me.... READ MORE

Was my Vaser Liposuction Not Aggressive Enough?

I had vaser liposuction two weeks ago, for my lower and upper abs, flanks and lower back. My concern is that I still can grab more than a handful of... READ MORE

Why Does Vaser Liposuction Have a Shorter Recovery Time Than Other Liposuction Methods?

Is it true that the recovery time for Vaser is quicker than for traditional lipo, why? READ MORE

Vaser on Abs - Waste of Time if I'm Planning on a Tummy Tuck?

I'm considering getting vaser on my lower abs to rid some loose skin&excess lower belly fat. when i met with my dr. he had recommended a tummy... READ MORE

When to Wear a Bra After Bra Line Vaser Lipo

How long until one can wear a bra after a Vaser Lipo on the bra line area? READ MORE

Regaining Weight After VASER Liposuction?

I am an athlete who faces bouncing weight in the midst of my training season. I understand that fat cells are removed through VASER Liposculpture. But... READ MORE

Is VASER liposuction alone adequate to address gynecomastia arising from both an excess of glandular tissue and fat?

I have spoken to a surgeon regarding my gynecomastia which is the result of both an excess of breast tissue and fat. He has suggested rectifying using... READ MORE

I had Vaser Lipo 6 and a half weeks ago. Swelling or fat?

I had vaser lipo 6 and a half weeks ago with mya. I had to wear a foam impression vest for 4 weeks and then spanx for 2 weeks after that. I'm not... READ MORE

Vaser lipo and fat transfer to butt? (Photos)

I want to do Vaser lipo on my belly, fat transfer from my arms belly and beck to my butt to have a big butt how much this can cost? READ MORE

Will I require skin tightening after Vaser Liposuction? (photos)

My Dr mentioned that I can do skin tightening either before or after the procedure-vaser lipo, which will be performed on my abdomen and transfer fats... READ MORE

Had a consult and been informed 1 litre of fat is to be taken. Looking at the pics, would mid def achieve a six pack?(photo)

I would like to know whether or not I should opt for mid def or hi def. The prices vary significantly from mid to hi def and I am wondering if I can... READ MORE

Is Fatness Always Body Fat?

I know that there are two kinds of body fat : one is generalised fat and one is localised fat. But what bothers me is the fact that does the amount of... READ MORE

About the Vaser liposuction?

Vaser liposuction in Dubai is offering the most advanced method for removing excessive fat. Is this Real or Fake?? READ MORE

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