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Recommend a Good Certified Surgeon Who Does Vaser in Los Angeles?

Can anyone recommend a good certified surgeon in the Los Angeles area who performs VASER Hi Def, Abdominal Etching, and VASER Super Def? Thanks. READ MORE

Who is the Best Vaser Lipo Surgeon in Houston?

Also, I Have Been Quoted 6,150 for Upper, Lower Abdomen & Flanks in Houston. Is This Reasonable? READ MORE

Dallas Liposelection Aftercare Doctor

I have had liposelection done about 2 weeks ago in an overseas location and am on my way back to the US (Dallas, TX) next week. My surgeon tells me I... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction Doctor for Obese Patients?

Where can I find a doctor who does Vaser liposuction on obese people? I cannot find a doctor in the mid-west who performs such a procedure? READ MORE

How much does Vaser Liposuction to the cheeks cost? (photos)

I am looking for doctors that will perform vaser lipo to the cheeks, in New York and Tampa, FL. What is the ball park price range for such a small... READ MORE

I'm Looking for a Good VASER LIPO Doctor in Canada or in the States with a Reasonable Price?

I'm having trouble sifting through all the reviews, I am looking for a good reputable doctor and I'm willing to travel to get those results. I would... READ MORE

Looking for Experienced Surgeon for Lipoplasy Irregularity Correction

I had a bit too much taken out on my outer/back thigh from vaser lipo and am looking for a surgeon that practices the gentler method of fat... READ MORE

Which Atlanta doctors do High-Def Vaser Lipo in office? (Photo)

I know that procedures done in a hospital usually incur the facility fee and add a sizable chunk of change to the cost. Just curious which surgeons do... READ MORE

How Can I Find the Best Surgeon in my Area (WV) and Get the Most for my Money Without Increasing my Risk of Complications?

Ive been trying to lose the weight safely & naturally.Im doing absolutely EVERYTHING I can,but there are major areas of my body that are so spongy... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction Surgeons?

I am heading to the states next year to have vaser liposuction and it seems impossible to find a good surgeon when there are just so many, could... READ MORE

Vaser hi definition liposculpture NJ?

Im looking for a real good doctor in new jersey with alot experience in vaser hi definition liposculpture. Im looking for a six pack. Im.personal... READ MORE

When is it time to see another Dr? Had Vaser 3.5 months ago and am unhappy with my results. (photos)

Vaser on my ab3.5 mo ago/not thrilled w/the results.Also did a thermage treatment 2 mo ago/few lumps dr had to inject some fat dissolving stuff in. My... READ MORE

Looking for a BCPS with extensive Vaser Lipo experience in the NJ Area. Any suggestions?

I am fully aware that the surgeon is the most important part of any surgery. However, based on my research, VaserLipo (in the correct hands) provides... READ MORE

Malaysia VASER Liposelection Doctor Recommendations

Is there any certified dermatologist/surgeon physician able to perform VASER in Malaysia? I found 2 clinics offering this service, but not sure... READ MORE

Good Vaser Liposuction Doctors in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

I'm looking for an experienced doc to perform vaser lipo in Oklahoma. Any suggestions? READ MORE

South Carolina Vaser Liposelection Doctor Recommendations

I need to find a board certified plastic surgeon that can do Vaser to revise a previous Lipo(pal). How can I find one that performs many of these... READ MORE

What are the best options for a buttocks and outer thigh reduction? (photos)

I've recently been in contact with a surgeon who recommended Vaser Liposuction to reduce the size of my buttocks and outer thighs but have seen other... READ MORE

Where in Malaysia can I find the most reliable and most effective Vaser Liposuction?

It would be great if you can deliver your personal experience. READ MORE

Banana rolls developed after Vaser Lipo on outer thighs 3 years ago. What are my options surgical and non surgical? (photos)

I had Vaser lipo on my outer thighs (saddlebags) around 3 or 4 years ago. Ever since I had the procedure done, I have these banana rolls under each... READ MORE

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