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Are these normal results after 4 weeks post-op Vaser hi-def lipo? Quite concerned (Photo)

Had Vaser hi def on the abs, flanks and lower back. Despite wearing the compression garmet 24/7 and repeated massages, there's still areas of concern... READ MORE

5 days after Vaser Hi Def surgery and I'm concerned?

Hi everyone, I'm a 29 y/o in shape male, about 5 days post vaser hi definition liposuction on my abdomen and flanks. I'm a little concerned, as the... READ MORE

Concerned about result one month after VASER abdominal liposuction (Photos)

Concerned about the dent below my belly button. The skin feels like it's stuck to the abdominal wall/muscle. Is this normal? Will it get better? READ MORE

Had Vaser Lipo to my 'double chin' 5 weeks ago. Seems to have done a good job but a few concerns? (Photo)

Had Vaser lipo to my 'double chin' area 5 weeks ago,but one jowl seems to be done and not the other? is it worth mentioning at my review or am i being... READ MORE

How to address my plastic surgeon about my results.

I am 4 months post vaser of upper/lower abs. I have a protrusion of fat around my belly button, seroma on my pelvis, and loose belly skin. The doc... READ MORE

Why do I have linea negra 9 days post op Vaser on my lower abdomen?

Hello. I am 10 days post-op lower abdominal Vaser lipo. I have swelling and soreness which I know is normal, but I am concerned about the fact I have... READ MORE

Is a resting heart rate of 52 low enough to be of concern prior to Vaser Lipo to the abdomen?

I finally got to go to my pre-op appointment, yay!! So, we go through all the medical questions, take blood, get weighed, check for hernias...full... READ MORE

Extreme tightness around abdomen and back especially in the upper abdomen area post vaser liposuction?

I have extreme tightness around my core area where I had vaser liposuction 2 weeks ago. I had the flanks, upper/lower abdomen, and waist done. I feel... READ MORE

4 days afters vaser liposuction and I have 3cm sized bump or lump under my armpit. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

Its pinkish in colour and irritating like it can come off anytime and it pains me. I am very concerned what that might me please help! READ MORE

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