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Lipoma Removal Using Vaser Liposelection?

I saw a local plastic surgeon who uses a Vaser to remove lipomas through what he calls liposelection. It is similar to liposuction but not as... READ MORE

Hard Lump Under Nipple After 6 Months?

I had vaser lipo on my chest (male) 6 months ago, I still have some pain from time to time and my left side is often sore and feels hard under the... READ MORE

When Will I See Results After Vaser Lipo to Chest and Flanks?

I'm a male and im 3 weeks post op now, vaser to my chest and flanks. I can see a massive difference in my chest but nothing to my flanks, is this... READ MORE

Vaser/SmartLipo or Skin Excision for Male Chest & Arms?

Considering either Vaser or SmartLipo for male chest and upper arms, but I'm concerned that excess skin will give me a disappointing result or even... READ MORE

Will I see any improvements around my chest area with Vaser Lipo? How Flat Can I make my chest go? (photos)

I am thinking about Vaser Lipo around my chest area. I am 6ft 1" aged 24 Male and weigh 102KG I have no health problems. I go the gym but find it... READ MORE

Bad scars 9 days after Vaser lipo. I am worried. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a Vaser lipo 9 days ago. It treated abdomen and chest (for gynecomastia). Now when i remove the garnement i find this situation you can see in... READ MORE

What are treatments for seromas after VaserLipo (other than repeated aspirations)?

Hi, I had Hi Def Vaser Lipo on my chest, upper and lower abs, one month ago. Two seromas formed on my lower abdomen, one on each side. I've gone back... READ MORE

Is vaser lipo appropriate for someone with a pacemaker?

As a 34y.o. Bradicardia patient, I am using pacemaker for about 9 years but with 30% operating time. My heart has its own beat rates and pacem. is not... READ MORE

My BMI is 34. Fat localized to abs, love handles, chest. How many waist inches loss will 5L lipo extraction give me? (Photo)

I have a BMI of 34. My fat is very localized to abs, love handles, and chest. I have a large muscle mass with very little fat on my legs, butt, arms.... READ MORE

Still have a lot of swelling. Should I be able to see my abs 1 day after high definition Vaser Liposuction?

I did the surgery on 26/6. I did vaser for my chest and love handles and vaser high def for my abs, i have alot of swelling which i know it is normal,... READ MORE

Had lipo on my chest in 2009 . Not happy with results (Photo)

Even though a lot of fat was removed my chest still seem big and out of shape . I weight train and that has increased the size of the muscles of chest... READ MORE

Hard areas 1 week after Male chest vaser lipo. is this swelling or scar tissue?

I had male chest lipo 8 days ago and my bruising has now gone. mine was all fat and no breast tissue was present so only lipo was needed. however if i... READ MORE

Lower abdomen pooch back 2 weeks after Vaser Lipo. Is it swelling or am I at risk of losing the results I saw on day 5? (Photo)

I had Vaser Liposuction on the full abdomen, flanks and chest. I previously had a pooch on the lower abdomen and I was so happy to see the results on... READ MORE

VASER HD for a patient having Thalassemia minor?

Other than having a lower hemoglobin level (129 L) due to Thalassemia minor, I am a very fit and healthy adult male. I previously had major... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo on chest 4 weeks ago. Area back to original size. Is this normal?

I had Vaser Lipo on my chest 4 weeks ago. Immediately afterwards I was delighted with the results as every bit of fat was gone. But now over the last... READ MORE

I am considering an Vaser lipo and pec implants. I am 47 and have never been able to develop a chest. (Photo)

Please advise as to what you think. I weigh 197 and have had lipo on my sides about 17 yrs ago. READ MORE

Loose skin after Vaser Lipo. Will the skin retract?

I had vaser lipo done about 8 months ago around my tummy,chest and neck area.I am 49 years old male .I am happy with the results around my chest area... READ MORE

Post Vaser day 4 swelling, slight chest pain

Hi, i am 4 days post vaser- day 1 i looked great, after that the swelling began and now day 4 i look very similar to what i did before. when breathing... READ MORE

Third time having chest treated, vaser x twice and gland removal, why isn't my chest flat? (photos)

Hi So, I had vaser done once including my chest, it looked better but not flat, I went back and had vaser again which again imporved results but still... READ MORE

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