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Does Vaser High Def Work on Arms?

I am a 44 year old woman, very good health, workout 3-4 times a week with a trainer, healthy diet- but, I am 5 foot 8 and abt 165. My biggest beef is... READ MORE

Is UltraShape or Vaser Lipo Selection Safe for a Diabetic?

I'm a male insulin dependent diabetic Type I in my mid 30's, in very good health very good health. Would this stop me having UltraShape or Vaser Lipo... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo on Chin. Does This Sound Like a Typical Procedure?

Am a healthy fit 38y male. Had vaser lipo on chin minor fat issues. Whole procedure lasted about 15 mins. Local anaesthetic 2 incisions then straight... READ MORE

Vaser for my Butt, Thighs and Inner Thighs?

Hi I'm 60Kgs and 170 cm. I and 35 years old. I and thinking about vaser for my butt, back top thighs and inner thighs. I exercise regularly and watch... READ MORE

Will the Real Answer for Vaser Lipo Please Stand Up?

I am a 44 YO male, 5' 10" 180lbs with a 33" waist and your typical problem abdomen area and flanks. I had a consult with DR1 who said he could reduce... READ MORE

35 year old female 5'6", 159lbs never had kids, never been obese... why was I told I needed a tummy tuck instead of lipo?

I recently went in for a consultation for VASER liposuction of the upper and lower abdomen as well as the outer thighs. The doctor who evaluated me... READ MORE

Smart Lipo, Vaser Lipo, CoolSculpting or Liposonix?

I'm a 41-year-old 5ft11, 173, man who does cardiovascular exercises 4-5 times a week. My diet and exercise routine were unable to help get rid of my... READ MORE

Vaser and Blood seepage. Should I be worried?

Hi. I am getting vaser lipo next week (saddle bags, flanks and kness). I am concerned about the amount of blood you leak. I am taking folic acid pills... READ MORE

Long term effects of laser liposuction on an "apple shape" body? (Photo)

I have size 6 legs and arms and a size 12 body- it's a frustrating effect of family genetics. There is always a tyre of fat that causes me great... READ MORE

If I have ITP, should I take medication to get my platelets up before Vaser Liposuction?

I am a 36 year old female intersted in getting vaser HD Lipo. In previous Lipo that I had, the liposuctioned fluid always started to contain alot of... READ MORE

Can I achieve my goal with Vaser Lipo? (Photo)

I'm a 40 year old who's relatively slim, UK size 10. As you can see my tummy has been somewhat destroyed by pregnancy! Kids are now grown up and I... READ MORE

I've done vaser liposuction for my 3 weeks ago I saw no difference till now. Any suggestions?

Hi. I'm 42 years old. 3 weeks ago I've done vaser lipo for my abdomen. I still don't see any difference at all. My abdomen still looks fat and as if... READ MORE

Meeting my boyfriend who's posted overseas exactly 6 weeks after scheduled Vaser surgery. Will he notice (I.e the incisions)?

Vaser on upper and lower abdomen flanks inner outer thighs and arms. I am 35 and healthy. My boyfriend can't know, he would be really annoyed, I am... READ MORE

Will Vaser lipo improve scar tissue?

Hi, I am 37 years old and thinking about getting Vaser Lipo 4 D (not sure what the difference is between that and Vaser Lipo) I had traditional lipo... READ MORE

Can i return to work 5 days post op?

Will it be posible for me to return to work 5 days post op. I want to get vaser lipo on my mid abdomen lower abdomen and love handles. I am a 37 year... READ MORE

Will my scar and turkey neck disappear, ever? (Photo)

I'm 44 but looked older so I had Vaser Lipo 4 weeks ago and Thermage 5 days ago. I know it still needs time to heal but I just feel like it looks... READ MORE

I did vaser 2 month ago full body and I have very loose skin; is it normal? (Photos)

I do vaser 2 month ago and my skin come like old woman now i have very loose skin and i am 35 yeasr only pls some one tell ne what happen with me thank u READ MORE

How soon after giving birth can I have Vaser Lipo on my neck/chin? (photos)

I am aged 36 and 31wks pregnant and looking to have vaser lipo on my long hated double chin as soon as I can as a well done for squeezing out my third... READ MORE

I had Vaser done12/23/15 on multiple areas. Everywhere looks great except for the lower abdominal area which is lumpy and wavy.

I'm 37, no kids & have always been close to my ideal weight, no abd sx, etc. The surgeon indicated at my last f/u appt. that this was probably inner... READ MORE

Is it likely I will have loose skin after Vaser Lipo to abs, flanks, inner thigh and fat transfer to butt? (photos)

I am 36 with one child 15 years ago. I have some stretchmarks. Not too much and my tummy is in pretty good shape considering with no loose skin that i... READ MORE

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