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VASER High Def Lipo: Side Effects and Risks

I work out a good amount and I cannot shed the tiny layers of ab fat and love handles. I'm pretty thin (8% body fat) but the 'shredded'... READ MORE

When Will I See Skin Retraction After Vaser Lipo?

I am a 23 year old male. Just five months ago, I was in phenomenal shape, with a ripped six pack. However, a temporary condition caused me to gain 15... READ MORE

Possible to See Results After 1 Vaser Lipo Session?

Is it possible to see Vaser liposuction results for the abs, love handles, flanks, and inner thighs in 1 session? Some clinics that I've spoken to... READ MORE

Cost of Vaser Liposuction on Torso Area?

I  have exercised all my life and have trouble areas that no amount of exercise and healthy eating habits can get rid of. I am 6'5" and... READ MORE

Recurrent Seromas 3 Weeks After Vaser High Def Liposuction

I had Vaser High Def Lipo on my upper/lower abs and flanks 3 weeks ago. I began developing seromas two weeks after my surgery (a week after the drain... READ MORE

Can I only have 4 pack abs?

I've had Vaser Hi Def on Saturday for abs and Sunday for Flanks, While marking my doctor said I do not have 6 pack but rather 4 pack, what is the... READ MORE

What' the Difference Between Vaser Hi Def, Standard and Ultra Hi Sculpture

Hi Professionals. I would being researching on Liposuction as i want to have it done. Im 57-58kgs and 1.58cm tall. I want to have it done on Hips, I/O... READ MORE

Is UltraShape or Vaser Lipo Selection Safe for a Diabetic?

I'm a male insulin dependent diabetic Type I in my mid 30's, in very good health very good health. Would this stop me having UltraShape or Vaser Lipo... READ MORE

Had Smart Lipo then Vaser Lipo 3 Years Later on Same Area.

I had smart lipo on my abs 3 years ago. while my abs were flatter, the fat seemed looser and jiggly. Then I had vaser lipo and my abs looked great.... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo Lower Abs Only

I want vaser on my lower abs only, I have very little body fat and my upper abs are very good - but i have a small stuborn pocket beneath my tummy... READ MORE

Conflicting information about Vaser HiDef - is it just an illusion? or is it actually better than just Vaser lipo? (Photo)

Hypothetically, gram for gram for the same patient for the same area (say entire stomach/abs), will more fat be removed with Vaser Lipo or Vaser HD?... READ MORE

Vaser on Abs - Waste of Time if I'm Planning on a Tummy Tuck?

I'm considering getting vaser on my lower abs to rid some loose skin&excess lower belly fat. when i met with my dr. he had recommended a tummy... READ MORE

Lumps/scar tissue a year after Vaser Lipo on abs?

I got vaser Lipo on my upper & lower abs, & my waist 02/2014. Almost a year later I still have a lump on both sides of my waist, and my belly button... READ MORE

Vaser hi def. Is this line normal? The abs are not clear (Photo)

I have this line on my left side which i feel strech more than right side and i feel like i have the same amount of fat befor maybe because of... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction Concern: I'm twice the size before my procedure. Is this normal?

I had Vaser Lipo two weeks ago on my abs, arms and legs... I'm twice the size before my procedure. My doctor says this is normal, but I'm very... READ MORE

18 days since my 2nd touch up vaser lipo on my abs and flanks. It doesn't look great, what's happening? What can I do? (Photo)

After the initial pictures of the first couple of days post-lipo, I've got a swollen hard tum. I've done MLD sessions 3x a week, 90 mins sessions... READ MORE

How can I get smooth results after Vaser Lipo on my abs?

I had Vaser Lipo done in Feb 2015 on my abs and inner/outer thighs. Six months later I had a huge lump on my stomach and uneven inner thighs, so my... READ MORE

Hi definition abs (and torso) surgery for fit male in Atlanta

I live in Atlanta, Georgia, 30 year old male,fit, work out regularly and very muscular. I have low body fat but not low enough to have definition in... READ MORE

Better to be high, low, or average body fat when undergoing Vaser Lipo?

I'm ready to get Vaser Lipo for my abs, pects, and merman lines. If I want the best results regardless of how high or low my body fat is, should I... READ MORE

Waiting to Have Velashape After Vaser Lipo?

How long after having Vaser Lipo on my abs should I wait before having Velashape? READ MORE

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