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Which is better for fat loss--Vanquish or Coolsculpting?

I have heard conflicting views on this issue. Some doctors' offices say they have seen much better results with Coolsculpting than with Vanquish, but... READ MORE

What is the advantage of using the white pad during Vanquish treatments?

I have had 2 treatments of four. The first treatment was performed with the white pad and second without... I couldn't get a straight answer as to why... READ MORE

Vanquish for stubborn belly fat? (photos)

I am 67 year old female, 5'8", 165lbs. I'm not what you would identify as a 'fat lady' but I have belly fat that makes me look quite pregnant. I work... READ MORE

Advanced Vanquish Protocols - Understanding Settings - Maximize outcome

Is it imperative to have settings at highest throughout treatment time, machine at closest range without touching client to achieve the best results?... READ MORE

What is the difference between Vanquish and Vanquish ME?

Is Vanquish ME more advanced and more effective? I am trying to get pricing on getting a Vanquish treatment and found out that the provider I like has... READ MORE

Can I do both Vanquish and Zeltiq at the same time for fat reduction? Can I do vanquish together for my better result?

Hello, I'm currently doing zeltiq coolsculpting every 4 weeks. my zeltip schedules is 3rd, Nov/1st, Dec/29th, Dec/25th, Jan etc.... I want to add... READ MORE

Vanquish for bra fat, arms, and waist reduction. (photos)

I'm 5'4" and 127lbs. i have some fatty, semi-loose skin in my bra/upper back area, and the back of my arms. (I don't think I have enough fat to make... READ MORE

Must Vanquish treatments be given every 2 weeks or can they be spread out over several months and still provide good results?

There is no one in my area that provides Vanquish treatments. I was thinking I would get the treatments when I travel out of state which would occur... READ MORE

Vanquish and Velashape

On a visit to an office recently, The technician recommended that I combine treatment of Vanquish ME and Velashape 3 for even more effective results.... READ MORE

Will my results not be as well if I wait more than the 7-10 day period for my next Vanquish treatment?

Had one today and my next one is scheduled for 6/27. Just want to make sure I get the full benefit. READ MORE

Is it normal to experience pain with vanquish on abdomen?

I had my first session yesterday and was very uncomfortable and in pain. I was not expecting this at all. I actually choose vanquish over cool... READ MORE

Vanquish or SculpSure?

Hello, I am considering either Vanquish or Sculpsure. Which is better in terms of results? Vanquish seems to be more expensive than Sculpsure in the... READ MORE

Does doing two Vanquish treatments on the same day lead to better results?

How does Vanquish kill fat cells, and does having treatments done the same day versus spread out over several days make a difference in overall result? READ MORE

Got abdominal etching done 1 month ago and I'm not convinced with results. Is it too early to consider Vanquish ME?

Got abdominal etching done 1 month ago and I'm not convinced with results. Don't have anywhere near the definition that I thought I would have gotten.... READ MORE

Is it true that Vanquish only diminishes the size of fat cells while CoolSculpting kills them?

I am deciding between Vanquish and CoolSculpting. I purchased Vanquish but when I got to Doctor's office she said that Vanquish doesn't actually kill... READ MORE

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