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I had a swollen, hard, tender lump on the right side of my abdomen after my first treatment. Should I continue?

The dermatologist said it was okay--take Ibuprofen. It is still sore and I am wondering if I should continue or was this a big mistake?No photo... READ MORE

3 weeks since 2nd vanquish treatment and I still have hard lumps in my abdomen. WIll these go away and can I continue treatment?

I am a 38 year old male and had my 2nd Vanquish treatment three weeks ago. Duirng this session, my skin felt hotter than usual. After the session I... READ MORE

Vanquish Tuning and Power settings?

I just had my 1st Vanquish procedure. No pad was put btwn my abs and the machine panels. 30 minutes and didn't feel any heat. I'm suspecting the... READ MORE

Why isn't Vanquish working on me?

Hi! I had 4 45-minute vanquish treatments about 2 months ago and see absolutely no results yet! I am fit, with isolated fat in tummy and flanks. I run... READ MORE

Have you performed additional Vanquish treatments over and above 4-5 treatments with additional loss of inches/circumference?

I'm just completing my 5th Vanquish treatment with a two inch loss and I'm considering additional treatments as I have more to lose. I haven't seen... READ MORE

What is the advantage of using the white pad during Vanquish treatments?

I have had 2 treatments of four. The first treatment was performed with the white pad and second without... I couldn't get a straight answer as to why... READ MORE

Have had 2 Vanquish sessions and do not see any results at all yet. Is it normal?

Drinking 8 glasses of water/day, have not changed my routine at all. I am older, 64 years old but trim, fit and exercise 1 1/2 hours daily, have been... READ MORE

Yesterday I had my first vanquish treatment and it was almost unbearably painful. Is this normal?

Yesterday was my first treatment, and I was in so much pain. I had two hotspots that lasted almost the entire treatment and they would not go away no... READ MORE

I had 2 vanquish treatments. It's been a week and a half and I have 3 very large hard lumps on my abdomen. Please Help!!!

I had 2 vanquish's been a week and a half and I have 3 very large hard lumps on my abdomen..they are very red and very sore to touch. I... READ MORE

Is it common to have tenderness after a Vanquish treatment?

Is it common to have tenderness after a Vanquish treatment? I have one treatment and my next one is scheduled tomorrow. I thought the tenderness in my... READ MORE

Advanced Vanquish Protocols - Understanding Settings - Maximize outcome

Is it imperative to have settings at highest throughout treatment time, machine at closest range without touching client to achieve the best results?... READ MORE

I have had 6 vanquish treatments to the abdomen......

Last one a week ago. I have followed the water intake requirements, exercised and watched my food intake. I have not seen any results, visible or in... READ MORE

Advice needed - pregnant whilst having Vanquish and Exilis

I Just found out today I am pregnant. I have had 2 vanquish and one exilis in the last 2weeks (i tested before i started treatment and the test was... READ MORE

Was this a normal Vanquish session?

I started my 1st Vanquish treatment today. About half of my treatment was the girl trying to figure out the right position for the machine on top of... READ MORE

After a Vanquish treatment on the abdomen, is massage or stimulation of the area recommended?

I have a Flex Belt muscle toner that can give very mild to very vigorous muscle stimulation to my abdomen. Is it safe to use this very moderately... READ MORE

Cell necrosis from Vanquish won't go away six weeks after final treatment. Should I be worried?

I had my final vanguish treatment on my back six weeks ago I have cell necrosis in certain areas of my back which is a hard lump. I didn't massage... READ MORE

I had my first Vanquish ME treatment yesterday and now I am very swollen. Is this normal?

Yesterday I had my first Vanquish ME tx and it was quite painful during the process. Afterwards my back and hip bones hurt. Today I have a huge... READ MORE

3rd Vanquish treatment and I have a sizable welt. Is this normal?

I just received my third Vanquish treatment. Typically my hip bone area is sore for a few days after each treatment, is this normal? My provider... READ MORE

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