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I had a swollen, hard, tender lump on the right side of my abdomen after my first treatment. Should I continue?

The dermatologist said it was okay--take Ibuprofen. It is still sore and I am wondering if I should continue or was this a big mistake?No photo... READ MORE

3 weeks since 2nd vanquish treatment and I still have hard lumps in my abdomen. WIll these go away and can I continue treatment?

I am a 38 year old male and had my 2nd Vanquish treatment three weeks ago. Duirng this session, my skin felt hotter than usual. After the session I... READ MORE

Vanquish Tuning and Power settings?

I just had my 1st Vanquish procedure. No pad was put btwn my abs and the machine panels. 30 minutes and didn't feel any heat. I'm suspecting the... READ MORE

Tumscent lipo or vanquish?

If u want to see quick results on abdomen/ lower back flanks/ and bra rolls, which procedure would u recommend to see a more contoured shape for your... READ MORE

I had 2 vanquish treatments. It's been a week and a half and I have 3 very large hard lumps on my abdomen. Please Help!!!

I had 2 vanquish's been a week and a half and I have 3 very large hard lumps on my abdomen..they are very red and very sore to touch. I... READ MORE

Is it common to have tenderness after a Vanquish treatment?

Is it common to have tenderness after a Vanquish treatment? I have one treatment and my next one is scheduled tomorrow. I thought the tenderness in my... READ MORE

I have had 6 vanquish treatments to the abdomen......

Last one a week ago. I have followed the water intake requirements, exercised and watched my food intake. I have not seen any results, visible or in... READ MORE

Is the 1-week interval between Vanquish treatments necessary? Or can you wait longer between treatments?

Hello. I am considering having my abdomen treated with Vanquish. I've read that the optimal treatment method is 6 treatments spaced one week apart. Is... READ MORE

Can I have vanquish fat reduction on more than one area at a time?

I am deciding on Vanquish treatments, and I would like to know if I can have my back simultaneously treated along with my abdomen? READ MORE

After a Vanquish treatment on the abdomen, is massage or stimulation of the area recommended?

I have a Flex Belt muscle toner that can give very mild to very vigorous muscle stimulation to my abdomen. Is it safe to use this very moderately... READ MORE

Any suggestions on getting my tummy completely flat? I have a small 1 finger separation (Photo)

2 kids 158cm 45 kilos no stretch marks good skin quality could I try vanquish? READ MORE

My abdomen seems to be increasing in swelling and it is very painful to the touch. Is this normal?

I've had 2 Vanquish treatments. My doc wants to do the treatments 4 days apart. Everything I've read says 7 days. She also says the machine should be... READ MORE

How long after I do CoolSculpting do I have to wait before I do Vanquish?

I had Coolsculpting done on my tummy and love handles a month ago. Is it safe to do Vanquish now or do I have to wait another two or three months? Thanks. READ MORE

Vanquish - Optimal settings

I had my first Vanquish treatment on Tuesday, 45 minutes on my abdomen and 15 on back. In researching online before going in; some doctors ran their... READ MORE

It was painful! Should I continue with further treatments?

I had my first Vanquish treatment today on my abdomen and flanks, 30 minutes each. Felt burning, pinching and sharp cramping sensations during... READ MORE

Can the Vanquish device be safely used in the abdominal region if you have a lap band port?

The process seems to use radio frequency to heat up fat cells but doesn't affect surrounding tissues. Is this safe to use if you have lap band port in... READ MORE

With Vanquish, after fat cells get killed off, does fat just grow more in other places of your body?

I've had 2 Vanquish treatments on my tummy & flanks in the last 2 weeks. While I've noticed those areas are slimmer, my inner thighs also appear... READ MORE

Vanquish and surgical staples: Is it safe?

I had my gallbladder removed and have a single staple closing off the duct. I don't know what the staple is made of, but it shows up on x-rays. Can I... READ MORE

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