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Can the Vampire Facelift Really Get Rid of Wrinkles?

On npr they said that you can now get rid of face wrinkles by a procedure called a vampire facelift. a doctor injects your own blood back in your face... READ MORE

Under Eye (Midface) Swelling After Selphyl Injection Under Eyes 6 Months Ago. What Do I Do?

I had Selphyl injected 6 months ago and developed the swelling visible in the attached photo. Two months after the Selphyl a local board certified... READ MORE

Does Selphyl Work for Skin Rejuvenation?

I would love to hear doctors' experience with Selphyl. I can find very little on the internet, I guess because it is new. I am particularly interested... READ MORE

Why Aren't More Doctors Using Selphyl Fillers?

I am somewhat wary of having synthetic material injected into my face. I was wondering if Selphyl fillers is a good alternative. READ MORE

What Are the Differences and Trade-offs Between Selphyl, The Vampire Facelift and Traditional Fillers (Restylane, Juvaderm)?

I am so confused; what are the differences between these products and why would I want one over the other? Is there any benefit whatsoever in having... READ MORE

What is Selphyl?

I've only just heard of it a few days ago and it sounds great, but I don't see it mentioned anywhere on RealSelf....that makes me wonder. Is it safe... READ MORE

Can Selphyl Be Used for Under Eyes (Hollowness) and As a Lip Filler?

I heard about this new filler, is it permanent? how long does it last? Any other info I would appreciate it. READ MORE

Eye bags caused by Selphyl - How can corrections be made?

I had Selphyl injections done on my face last week.  All the swelling went down except that I now have large sagging bags under my eyes (at the... READ MORE

Is Selphyl Completely Non Animal Non Human?

Some doctors' websites say that Selphyl is a person's own blood which is then mixed with a "patented compound" or "chemical catalyst." I was... READ MORE

Selphyl. What is it? How does it work?

What is it and how does it work. Is this just another filler? Is it long lasting? READ MORE

How is the Gel Different in the Selphyl Kit Than Any Other Serum Separator Tube?

No one can seem to give me straight answer in regards to the exact specifics of the selphyl gel versus either a normal SST tube and how it's different... READ MORE

HIV Positive and Effectiveness of Selphyl?

I am HIV positive and have used Radiense in the past with much success Any thoughts on Selphyl as an effective long lasting alternative? READ MORE

Facial features less attractive after vampire facelift? Pure selphyl, no fillers added, two weeks post-procedure.

While the skin seems rejuvenated and small wrinkles have disappeared, my face overall looks more 'bloated' and 'butchy' although swelling has... READ MORE

Selphyl Ingredients

Some doctors' websites say that Selphyl is a person's own blood which is then mixed with a "patented compound" or "chemical catalyst." I was... READ MORE

Is Selphyl Essential for a Good Result on the Vampire Facelift?

I researched the Vampire Facelift, and found out that a mix called Selphyl is included in a vial, where the patient blood is poured, before placing it... READ MORE

I have had acne scars on my face for over 20 years. Will Selphyl help?

Is Selphyl recommended for acne scars and where can I find doctors in Philadelphia? READ MORE

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