Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) + Vampire Facelift

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Can the Vampire Facelift Really Get Rid of Wrinkles?

On npr they said that you can now get rid of face wrinkles by a procedure called a vampire facelift. a doctor injects your own blood back in your face... READ MORE

Does Mixing the Prp with Injectable Fillers in a Vampire Lift Dilute the After Look of the Filler?

I was recommended to do a vampire lift with filler to refresh my eyes and for an over all lift effect. They told me that certain areas, such as the... READ MORE

When You Get a Vampire Lift with Fillers, is the Prp Mixed with the Filler or Done Seperate?

When you get a vampire lift with fillers, is the prp mixed with the filler or done separate, and why READ MORE

Would PRP/Vampire technique help my skin to heal or get back to the stage it was 3 years ago? (Photo)

My face got damaged 3 years ago with microneedling and Tretinoin 0,025% cream. Now that a long time has passed and cell turnover did not heal my skin... READ MORE

I am booked in to get a platelet rich plasma treatment. After reading many negative reviews should I bother?

I am not a fan of the idea of synthetic fillers. However, I would like some volume in the cheek area. I have lost some volume in the face but I don't... READ MORE

Does PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma ) treatment for hair thinning work?

Is the prevage 670 laser treatment comparable to PRP TREATMENT for hair thinning READ MORE

I've been getting PRP injections on my face, neck, and chest. Any suggestions?

Hi I've been getting PRP inyections on my face neck and chest , I'm only 33 years and I was trying to improve the overall of my skin plus I have dark... READ MORE

Can Prp around the eyes help with the Tyndall effect?

Can prp around the eyes help with the tyndall effect? READ MORE

Getting PRP while menstruating?

I'm set to get PRP to improve my eye area in 3 days but I JUST got my period and since they need to take blood I'm wondering if I have to cancel the... READ MORE

Would PRP injections help for the fat and muscle layer under the skin?

I guess I'm in this club now. Women ruined by Thermage, fraxel, ultherapy, ipl, etc UGH Does anyone have any anewers out there? This is aesthetically... READ MORE

What is the best machine/device for PRP or vampire face lift?

I read that there is a wide variation in the quality of PRP treatments. Does the device/machine used make a difference? or are they all pretty much... READ MORE

Will PRP Vampire Facial harm your eyes? (Photo)

I'm 52 with good skin elasticity people had told me.7 Months ago I had it done. Did do nothing but dark circles under my eyes. This Doctor who did... READ MORE

Is PRP for the face effective, and does it have side effects?

I want to know every thing about PRP therapy !!! i`m 37 years old ... every body says that i look so tired by looking to my face and ...i have some... READ MORE

Burnt my face with toothpaste. Need help. Will PRP fix my face?

My friend told me to apply toothpaste to my face for acne and i did that and ended up burning my nose and cheeks pretty bad..I had black scabs the... READ MORE

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