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Everytime After We Have Sex I End Up with Cuts. How Do I Pervent Them? Im Always Looking at my Cervix. Whats Wrong with Mine?!

Hes 19, and very large. I don't ever feel the cutting and it leaves my vagina looking very ugly after healing. It turns purple. I take weekly videos... READ MORE

18 Months Later Did my Vagina Heal Wrong? (photo)

I had my first baby 18 months ago. Since then I still have trouble holding in my urine, (I pee when I sneeze or cough). It still hurts to have sex.... READ MORE

Is my vaginal opening normal? (photos)

I haven't been to the doctors yet, I am awaiting an appointment. I've been nervous for weeks and weeks about booking one and I've finally built up the... READ MORE

Is my vagina normal? (photos)

22 year old. No children, haven't had sex for about 9 months.. But noticed during period when trying to insert a tampon it didn't feel right. There is... READ MORE

Vaginoplasty to Decrease Laxity from Childbirth?

I would like to know if vaginoplasty would be a good option for me. 19 yrs ago, I had a difficult vaginal delivery. I was in labor for 56 hours, and... READ MORE

Sex After Vaginoplasty?

I am getting vaginalplasty. I want an honest opinion on how bad the pain will be. Is it worse than after having a baby. I have three and can tolerate... READ MORE

I have had 3 kids. What's the best surgery to tighten my vagina back to its original state before children? (Photo)

I am very embarrassed of my vagina sometimes after sex with my husband I cry I feel like he doesn't enjoy it. I worry that he will want someone else.... READ MORE

Will having sex with a large penis stretch my vagina after having vaginoplasty?

I had vaginoplasty about a year ago. At the time, I was married and my husband had an average size penis. Now, I'm single and involved with a man with... READ MORE

6 weeks after vagina tightening surgery. Had sex, it's bleeding & hurting. Is that normal?

It's 6 weeks now I had vigana tighting surgery my surgeon said it's save to have sex now ! last night when I have sex its was very pain full & it's... READ MORE

Why is Sex Still Painful 10 Months After Vaginoplasty?

I had vaginoplasty with bladder mesh/sling and rectocele done 10mo ago. I had to have a second surgery after 6 weeks because he had to "loosen the... READ MORE

Vaginoplasty, new vaginal opening?

As above I had vaginal tightening in Poland in January I'm Now extremely tight but my original vaginal entrance has gone ( but I can still feel it)... READ MORE

I was told no sex after vagioplasty for six weeks. After 3 weeks my husband and I had very gentle anal sex. How bad? (photo)

I had light bleeding day after; developed a large hemmoroid. I also had rectal prolapse corrected at same time. My colon was pressing on cervix The... READ MORE

What procedure can be done to tighten my vagina? I have tried kegels and they did not work. (photos)

One photograph is me sometimes without any arousal / the other photo is me slightly moved during sex READ MORE

6 months post op Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty, a lot of internal bleeding both during and after sex. Is this normal?

I had a laser vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedure done 6 months ago that I healed well from. Waited 10 wks before sex, had minor bleeding. It was 8... READ MORE

How small can you get with Vaginal tightening?

I had granulation removed from a prior trachelectomy. I also had posterior repair for vaginal tightening. My doctor said I was already small to begin... READ MORE

10 years post op vaginal reconstructive surgery, any suggestions to help stretch the vagina?

I had vaginal reconstructive surgery 10 years ago. With three " average" size lovers in ten years.. Sex has been enjoyable. Now, after 2 years of... READ MORE

Is my vagina normal looking? (photos)

I'm just curious because one of my inner lips, or flaps whatever they're called is a different size then the other one. I've had sex before, and no... READ MORE

Did the anal sex mess up my vaginoplasty?

I had a vaginoplasty about 10 days ago. All went well. Ok the surgery was a super painful itself but after the surgery day I had no pain and needed no... READ MORE

I Had Vaginoplasty 4 Months Ago Still Having Discharge?

I had vaginoplasty 4 months ago still having watery discharge no odor no itching thats normal? Also when I have sex I bleed a little from the inside... READ MORE

Can my vagina ever be normal? (photo)

I'm 23, very self conscious about my vagina. I don't even feel comfortable wearing bikinis in the summer because my lips are HUGE. I also have... READ MORE

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