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Can a prolapse be repaired during vaginoplasty or are they the same thing? Will OHIP cover part of this if done by plastic surg?

I was diag w/uterine prolapse 2nd deg. I want to get vaginoplasty. OB said if it doesn't go back into place surgery would involve a hysterectomy. I... READ MORE

Does my vagina look normal inside or could there be some sort of prolapse from rough sex/large penis? (Photo)

I had rough, protected sex with my well-hung boyfriend 5 days ago. Since then I've had some bleeding, burning when I urinate, and some sort of... READ MORE

Surgeon Specializing in Gynecology? Treating Rectocele and Cystocele

Hi, I suffer from a rectocele and cystocele for 7 years now. I'm looking for a surgeon who's specialised in solving these problems. Aren't there any... READ MORE

I've had 2 children and my last baby was almost 9 lbs. Wondering if I have a slight prolapse or if these are hymen remnants? (ph

I don't have any symptoms other than it just looking "off" to me. One picture is relaxed and I am bearing down on the other. What is your opinion?... READ MORE

Is my vagina normal? (photos)

I have this thing sticking out my vagina or is it just extra skin idk but im really scared is this a prolapse? Also is my vaginal wall ripped help im... READ MORE

I feel like my vagina no longer looks like one. And im embarressed and fearful to be in a relationship. (photo)

A while back i was told i have prolapse in my large intestines and a prolapse of my bladder and they both lay on my vaginal canal.which bends my... READ MORE

Will vaginoplasty address urine and rectal prolaspe?

I am 52, and have 3 grown children. I had an Hysterectomy 3 years ago and has been diagnosed with rectal prolaspe. My pelvic floor muscle is also... READ MORE

Anterior vaginal wall prolapse + perineal scar repair (Photo)

After a childbirth I had a disfigurement and had (1) vaginoplasty+perineoplasty 2002, (2) hysteropexy+posterior repair 2013, (3) anterior... READ MORE

Can you please tell me if this looks like I have prolapsed in some kind of way? (photo)

When I open up all the way it looks like my insides are coming out of me. Also a tampon does not stay in very long at all. READ MORE

Both vaginoplasty and prolapse repair.

Is it possible to do at the same time? And how do I find a surgeon that will do both? READ MORE

I am looking into vaginoplasty. I do have a grade 2 prolapse but I need to have my vagina tightened.

I am wondering if I would get good enough results from a plastic surgeon or would I need the surgery to be done by a urogynecologist. I am willing to... READ MORE

Can a prolapse be fixed after Vaginoplasty surgery has already taken place?

Vaginal laxity led me to have Vaginoplasty surgery with a Perineoplasty 7 1/2 weeks ago. Since surgery vagina has felt similar to before the laxity.... READ MORE

None of this looks normal to me. What procedure would benefit me? (photos)

On right side of photo #1 I am assuming this is my hymen. It looks like it also attaches to urethra and upper vaginal wall. Phot #2 I pulled a little... READ MORE

My vagina doesn't look the same. Do I have a prolapse? Is it normal? (photos)

After two vaginal births I feel like my vagina doesn't look quite right and i feel there have been some small changes. Tampons don't feel very... READ MORE

What exactly is redundant vaginal tissue and what procedure gets rid of it? (Photo)

Is this just a nice way your Dr tells you there is a prolapse of some sort? I have tissue at vaginal opening that looks like rolls of fat. There is... READ MORE

Why does insurance cover Erectile Dysfunction but not Vaginoplasty if the latter is for functional problems?

The woman has little to no feeling during sex (even if the man is at 100% capacity - thx to his medically necessary insurance covered Viagra!!) so she... READ MORE

Do I really have a prolapse or not?

Ive heard prolapses get worse standing up, but mine seems to be worse sitting on the toilet, and then returning to normal when standing. I can also... READ MORE

What is this bulge, rectocele? (Photos)

Hello. Lately I have been having a lot of lower back pain and constipation and my vagina has been freaking me out lately. 3 gynos have assured me that... READ MORE

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