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Vaginal Opening Weird Extra Skin? (photo)

I have something like a baby finger that is 2-3 cm tall and half cm diameter sticking out from my vaginal opening, I've had it for years after sexual... READ MORE

Is my vagina normal? (photo)

I have extra skin and white looking folds hanging out. READ MORE

Is my vagina normal? How can I fix this? (Photo)

I am 22 years old and I don't think I have a normal vagina. I have this weird extra skin/flap with some discoloration?? Also I don't know if that's an... READ MORE

In what cases will insurance cover vaginoplasty?

In what cases will insurance cover vaginoplasty? I know they usually don't cover it because it's considered cosmetic. Ever since I had my son 11 years... READ MORE

I have extra skin on my vagina. Is it normal? (photos)

I'm scared that this extra skin on my vagina isn't normal. I'm also insecure about it and that when I have sex, I won't want the person to see it. It... READ MORE

Does my vagina look normal? Why do I have some extra skin inside my vagina? (Photo)

I'm 19 and I feel like my lips are a bit too long and I wish I could cut them as small as possible. Also I am wondering why do I have some extra skin... READ MORE

Loose Vagina Skin, Is it normal? (photos)

Hi, I just wanted to find out if it was normal for me to have all this extra skin or is there something wrong with my Vagina on the outside. READ MORE

Does my vagina opening look ok? Normal? (photo)

I feel like my vagina no longer looks the same after birth. I seem to see extra skin in the opening. What are these? do they form after birth of a child? READ MORE

Can this inside skin area be surgically removed? (Photo)

This is inside one of my vaginal lip. It is not smooth, looks like warts but they are not warts, but it does cause itchy and uncomfortable. It formed... READ MORE

Perineoplasty or vaginoplasty? (Photo)

I was told I need a perineoplasty. I have absolutely no sex drive at all and it's very hard to orgasm if at all. I'm 30yrs old mother of one. I have... READ MORE

I have grown some sort of extra skins just below my vaginal opening. I'd like to know what is it and it's causes.

They have been there for quite some time and now I'm starting to worry. They are not painful, they get itchy sometimes but the itchiness is mild and... READ MORE

S/P vaginoplasty 10 days, had "skin tag" on anus that Doc would remove during surgery, he said he did talking with him post-op (

PO day 2 exam he I asked him about the bulge, he said it was the skin tag, I said you removed that, so he said then it a hemorrhoid-I was examined a... READ MORE

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