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Please can someone outline clearly what are the differences and benefits of surgical vaginoplasty against laser tightening?

More specifically i want to know the difference if any of depth of tightening the surgical tightening offers 3-4cm from the entrance tightened as well... READ MORE

Vaginal Rejuvenation Whats Better Laser or Cutting and Stitches?

I am looking to have vaginal rejuvenation done, solely to regain tightness. I am satisfied with the look of my vagina, however the opening and inner... READ MORE

Vaginoplasty or Thermiva?

Hello all, So I'm interested in Thermiva, however, it appears to be a temporary fix with annual visits back to the Dr.. Versus vaginoplasty that seems... READ MORE

What's the difference between an anterior and posterior vaginoplasty?

What's the difference between an anterior and posterior vaginoplasty READ MORE

I would like to have a rectocele, cystocele and vaginal tightening with labiaplasty. Is a gyno or plastic surgeon best?

What are the pros and cons between a gyno and a reconstructive specialist plastic surgeon for a rectocele, cystocele, vagina tightening and... READ MORE

Vertical cut or the cut between vagina and anus for vaginoplasty?

I m going to the vaginoplasty surgery in 2 weeks. The Dr said he can do the surgery without cutting the anus area ( between vagina and anus) I was... READ MORE

Perineoplasty or vaginoplasty? (Photo)

I was told I need a perineoplasty. I have absolutely no sex drive at all and it's very hard to orgasm if at all. I'm 30yrs old mother of one. I have... READ MORE

Why do you choose trim method or wedge method for vaginoplasty, labial reduction? (photos)

I don't really love my outter edge, therefore thought trim would be best for me. A doctor has suggested wedge which I haven't heard a lot about but... READ MORE

I want to become SUPER tight. Are ThermiVa and/or Femilift effective for tightening? Or is a full vaginoplasty the best option?

I've recently started dating someone who used to be with an Asian girl, and always talks about the fact that he LOVED how tight she was. It has become... READ MORE

What is Laser Vaginoplasty?

What exactly is laser vaginoplasty? How is it performed compared to the surgical procedure? READ MORE

Ob/gyn or plastic surgeon?

Is it best to get vaginoplasty from an obgyne or plastic surgeon READ MORE

Do vaginoplasty statistics/outcomes differ when you consider 4th degree tears as opposed to those with less severe birth trauma?

C section at 21. vbac resulting in 4th degree at 24. 25 yrs old now. Also bilateral side wall tears. I'm sure there is more details have not requested... READ MORE

Should I choose vaginoplasty or FemiLift vaginal tightenting after having multiple births including tears and episiotomies?

I have four children. I had a third degree tear in 2002, and an episiotomy in 2005 and 2015. With my fourth child in 2016 there was no time for an... READ MORE

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