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Is size of vagina hole normal? (photo)

I am 25 year old , i never had sexual intercorse nor used any sexual toys.. So my question is that for a 25 year old virgin is size of my vagina hole... READ MORE

What can I do to make my vagina opening smaller? (Photo)

Im 30 and have never had large objects, fisting, or any very large penises. I have one child and this is my vag when a smaller penis is pulled out READ MORE

Is there something I can do to get rid of fat around my vagina?

I'm 27 years old and have always had a lot of fat around my vagina it's so embarrassing. I can't wear certain things because it bulges out. Is there... READ MORE

My vagina has turned white in color, what could cause this?

Hi, I am 29 year old woman and recently I checked my vagina while taking bath and it has turned white in color . The inside looks white in color... READ MORE

I'm insecure about my loose vagina. Is there anything that can be done to reduce the size?

Im a 30 years old mother of 2 kids each birthweight was 8.8 and 8.10 my husband and I planned on having 4 kids but I'm afraid of having any more kids... READ MORE

Can Kegel exercises achieve the same results as Vaginoplasty surgery?

I'm 32 years old, given birth to 2 children and I'm considering having vaginoplasty surgery. I had my second baby 5 weeks ago and the vagina just... READ MORE

Risk to be getting a Vaginoplasty at 26 years old and never had kids? (Photo)

For several years I thought my LABIA MINORA was OVER GROWN and as I get older I feel it keeps growing. All I really want done is a trim of my labia.... READ MORE

Vaginal Rejuvenation for Non-Mother?

Will vaginoplasty or laser vaginal rejuvenation restore a vagina to "just after your first time having sex" conditions? How long will the results... READ MORE

Bladder Sling or Vaginoplasty?

Hello! So I am a 34 year old mother of 2 with stress urinary incontinence. I leak when I sneeze, cough, exercise, and worst of all during sex! It's... READ MORE

Would a vaginoplasty fix my vagina or is this a medical issue, not just a cosmetic one?

I am 26 and a mother of 3. I am so embarrassed by the way my vagina looks now and my sex life has been suffering both because of my insecurities about... READ MORE

Vaginoplasty at Age 14, Can I Deliver a Baby Vaginally?

I had a hymenectomy and vaginoplastie procedure done at age 14, as I had no opening and I had months of period built up. I am now 30 and about to have... READ MORE

How can I deal with a narrow vaginal opening?

Hi, am a 29 years old, married before 4 months. My problem is vaginismus or narrow vaginal opening. From marriage till now i can't do a complete... READ MORE

I'm looking into having a vaginal treatment. Which one would be best for me? (Photo)

I have always had problems with tightness down there and have never been able to controll muscles on comand now I'm 28 have 4 kids and 3 c-sections i... READ MORE

Why was I not tight when I lost my virginity?

Last year I lost my virginity but the guy said I was not tight,and thinks I was telling him a lie.I am 33 years old ,plus size,I have scars bikini... READ MORE

Is this extra tissue surrounding my vaginal opening normal? (photos)

I am 32, petite and this makes me self conscience about sex and my appearance, also my partner has a very large penis and due to a hormonal balance... READ MORE

Do I need vaginal reconstructive surgery or a urologist? I'm 34 and have had 4 vaginal deliveries. Cystocele present. (photos)

1. Can you "see" a cystocele? 2. Are the two balls on either side of my vaginal opening scar tissue and from what? What can I do about this? 3. Does... READ MORE

How Should I Go to to Have a Second Consult After a Failed Vaginoplasty Procedure? A Specialty OBGYN or Plastic Surgeon?

I am a 28 y.o. female with no children who underwent a vaginoplasty procedure to correct a birth defect and improve sexual function and appearance.... READ MORE

What does Vaginal Tightening entail? How long is recovery time,? What is approximate cost?

I 29 years old, and I am looking into Vaginal tightening. I feel my vagina has become loose after 3 kids (2 natural 1 C-section). Would this procedure... READ MORE

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