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Safe to Have V Beam While on Blood Thinning Medication?

Recently, I was put on Warfarin, which is temporary, for approximately 5 more months, then onto aspirin therapy. Is it alright to have V Beam for my... READ MORE

How Long After a V-Beam Laser Treatment Should You Continue Sun Prevention?

I've done 3 v-beam treatments over the course of a few months now. It's become hot and sunny recently and since it has my face has been... READ MORE

I'm tried of waiting between vbeam treatments. Is it safe to have one every week?

I get non-purpuric vbeam for diffuse redness caused by rosacea. Are there any reasons to not decrease the treatment intervals? READ MORE

Does V Beam Perfecta Target Melanin and Remove Hair Follicles on Upper Lip?

Don't want to lose any Hair Follicles on Upper Lip. Type IV skin. Is the V Beam safe to use for this? READ MORE

Results with levulan and V-beam? (photos)

I havevery fair skin, and am currently dealing with acne and red marks. I had a consultation and was recommended to get a Vbeam treatment with levulan... READ MORE

I have rosacea and discoid lupus is be V- beam safe ? (photos)

Can v beam help discoid lupus mixed with rosacea? Tried everything under the sun v beam last hope had a spot test a week ago seems ok so far READ MORE

Had lip lift today. When is it safe to V Beam laser the incision area and/or get filler dissolved?

I got a lip lift today. He used 6.0 Vicryl dissolvable stitches internally & 6.0 Nylon non-dissolvable on outer incision. There are steri strips on... READ MORE

When to start beam after Accutane?

Im am coming up on exactly six months post accutane. I was wondering if it would be safe and effective to start beam treatments for overall post... READ MORE

Is the V beam laser safe to use in Indian skin?

Hi i have red erythma from acne which has lasted for a few years my questions is can the v beam be used on my skin type. I have been to about 10... READ MORE

Vbeam - is it safe to do it two weeks after septoplasty?

I had septoplasty surgery a week ago, to correct deviated septum. My nose also looks better now, the tip is lifted up a bit, and a bump that was on my... READ MORE

Treating matting of the blood vessels, what is the safest and most effective solution?

I have some matting of the vessels on my nose due to a failed vbeam treatment.  READ MORE

I am having my 3rd Vbeam treatment on 9/17. Is it OK to get a full body massage 2 days later?

I am having my 3rd Vbeam treatment on 9/17. Is it ok to get a full body massage 2 days later? READ MORE

V beam vs Nd:Yag

Which of these two is safer for removing dark spots, veins and redness left from acne ? Also which one is the most effective for the above? READ MORE

Can Pulsed Dye Laser like Vbeam be used when you have dermal fillers?

I have a few red acne marks (not scars) after a break out on my cheeks. I have radiesse in my cheeks and JUVEDERM in my laugh lines. Is it safe to do... READ MORE

Will VBeam laser (or a laser meant to target redness) remove my freckles, too? I want to keep my freckles as they are.

I have redness throughout my face (a mixture of broken blood vessels and always looking flush). But I also have freckles all over my body and face... READ MORE

V-Beam Laser and chemical peel combination?

Is it ok to do a v beam laser treatment and then a chemical peel? Or should the laser treatment be finished first before starting the peels? Im trying... READ MORE

Is V beam safe with melasma?

I'm Fitz II. Developed melasma AFTER coming off the pill. It's not super dark, but it's noticeable. Mostly on my forehead and upper cheeks. I've also... READ MORE

Vbeam while on Clonidine?

Hi, I'm planning to do Vbeam treatment for my Rosacea. I started taking Clonidine 0.05mg 3 times a day for the flushing, two weeks ago. Will Clonidine... READ MORE

Is Vbeam safe for melasma?

Hi, everybody. I have melasma and my doctor want make Vbean for blood vessels on my cheek. I'd like to know if Vbeam is safe for melasma. Tks in advance. READ MORE

Can the V-beam help fade pink red marks? (Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation) (photos)

I have pink marks left from acne. They have been present for 2 months! Is there any chance the v beam laser can improve this? I am becoming impatient... READ MORE

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