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How Long Does Redness Last After V Beam?

I had V Beam treatment a week ago for broken blood vessels on face, and had a significant swelling that subsided after a few days. However, I still... READ MORE

Does V Beam Remove Old Red Acne Scars?

I had 4 fraxel laser treatments 3 months ago and to be honest I have not seen much improvement in scars and more to that redness makes scars really... READ MORE

Can V Beam Help Diffused Redness if IPL Didnt Help?

I have had about 8 IPL treatments for pretty bad redness and veins. The IPL helped a lot, mostly with the veins though. I am considering V Beam for... READ MORE

Will V Beam Help with Acne?

I want to go get V Beam treatments for my redness. I also have some acne that is stubborn. I have heard that V Beam can help acne too. If I get the V... READ MORE

Can V Beam Make Facial Redness and Bumps Worse or Cause Permanent Damage to the Face?

What are negatives or downsides of Vbeam laser procedure. What is success rate & how long do results last? Thks. READ MORE

What's the Downtime for Vbeam Laser for Scar Redness Treatment?

I have a scar which has been red for a long time. I have tried silicone gel creams, fraxel restore and smartxide dot laser treatments which have not... READ MORE

Not Much Improvement After Initial V-Beam Treatment

Hi, I had my VBeam last month and I still don't see much improvement in redness of my acne scars. Does it take more treatments to expect any... READ MORE

6 Days Post Second Vbeam. Purple to Red but Aren't Fading?

Purple marks have turned to bright red but aren't fading. Help! The First time I had this done, my skin rebounded beautifully and from the moment I... READ MORE

3 Weeks Ago I Had my First Rosacea V Beam, my Face is Still Red and Even Redder, is It Normal?

I was diagnosed with rosacea. My dermatologist told me that 2 to 3 laser sessions will be required. I had my first session 3 weeks ago and rozex gel... READ MORE

How Long Should You Wait Before Weightlifting After Vbeam Treatment?

How long should you wait before weightlifting after getting a vbeam treatment for redness on the neck and chest? READ MORE

V Beam PERFECTA for Redness and Hyperpigment?

I've read on Candela's website that the PERFECTA can treat vascular things as well as pigment things. Is it able to do this in one pass (one... READ MORE

Vbeam After IPL Treatments?

I had a bad experience with Microdermabrasion. It left me horribly red and veiny. I have had about 8 IPL treatments with good results. It got rid of... READ MORE

Will Working out After Vbeam Surgery Cause Diffused Redness to Come Back?

I'm getting vbeam laser done in a few weeks for my diffused red cheeks. I asked my doctor if I flush a lot when I workout if that will cause my... READ MORE

I Received a Few Vbeam Pulses on Top of the Cheek Bone Area. One Spot Still Red 6 Days Later, Is This Normal?

It seems as though there is increased telangectasias and redness on one exact pulse spot; it has been 6 days. Is it possible to have increased redness... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Minimize Potential Hyperpigmentation by Vbeam?

I haven't had V beam done yet. Im doing it for a ruddy/red area near my nasal fold area from acne scarring which is now surface level. What pre... READ MORE

Is Vbeam Laser Without Purpura Effective to Reduces Permanently Redness on Cheeks?

I have red cheeks since I was 10 years but a few years ago the redness have increased with some flushing so I had my first Vbean treatment yesterday.... READ MORE

Swelling and Redness Nearly 1 Week After V Beam, Is This Normal?

I had v beam 5 days go and still have swelling and lots of redness READ MORE

What treatment would help get rid of dilated blood vessels and redness on my cheeks? (photo)

I have been noticing these purple and red vein formations on my cheeks, as well as redness on my cheeks. I would like to get rid of these issues... READ MORE

More Redness After V Beam for Facial Veins

I had V Beam treatment for small facial veins on my face four weeks ago. I instantly had scabs in the areas the doctor treated. They fell off a few... READ MORE

No Results After First IPL/V-Beam Treatment

I had one IPL, v-beam laser treatment 10-days ago and still do not see any difference in the condition of my skin. All the same red marks, red-blotchy... READ MORE

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