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Options For Increased Dialated Capillaries Post Vbeam

I had a quick question for the doctor. I recently received a couple pulses of vbeam for dilated capillaries right under the dark circles under my eyes... READ MORE

Damage Done by Vbeam. Any Way To Correct This?

I have had two vbeam treatment done the first in feb. and the second in march. I am only 23 years old and it has left my skin with a crepey thin... READ MORE

Have Had 2 VBeam Treatments for Rosacea but No Improvement, What Can I Do To See Results from VBeam Treatments?

I get red bumps reduced with creams & antibiotics before doing vbeam again? or does it not make a difference? setting on 2nd was 6 millimeters? +... READ MORE

These bubbles formed under my skin after vbeam laser, now there is an indent in my raised scar. What should I do? (Photo)

I received vbeam laser treatment about a week ago (for treatment of raised scars caused by acne), and after the treatment these bubbles formed under... READ MORE

What is the best laser option to remove as much facial redness as possible? V-beam, IPL, or photofacial? (Photo)

I am 22 and I have rosacea subtype 1. No symptoms others than sensitivity, flushing, and mild, but persistent redness. I tried Mirvaso but had rebound... READ MORE

Best settings V-beam laser for flushing?

I've had 5 v-beam lasers already. My last settings was at 10.5joules 10ms 10 with no bruising at all. I want to ask my doctor to be more aggressive... READ MORE

What would help eliminate Keratosis Pilaris rubra faceii/ facial redness: lumecca IPL or Vbeam? (Photo)

What could be the underlying cause of these flare ups? And how can I heal this? Is lumecca just as effective as a Vbeam laser in treating redness?... READ MORE

I got 6 times of V Beam treatment for the redness caused by CO2 resurface laser 2 years ago. It didn't work, what can I do?

My facial redness is last for about 2 years, which is caused by CO2 resurfacing laser. I tried v beam laser to reduce the redness, but it didn't work,... READ MORE

Burned by V Beam pulse dye laser! What is your advice? (Photo)

There are two areas that look especially charred on my right cheek under the eye. I had very tiny capillaries so that I'm shocked to have had this... READ MORE

I'm due to have vbeam next month but have read so many bad reviews. I'm not sure I will go ahead with it. What else is there?

The veins are on my face and so far have not been lucky with treatments and have scars from the injections and more redness from veinwave. what can I do.. READ MORE

What settings are best to start with when treating Rosacea with a Vbeam Perfecta Laser? (Photo)

I have Rosacea, subtype 1 - erythema and flushing. I have decided to look into treatment with the Vbeam Perfecta laser. I am planning on having a... READ MORE

Is V-beam/Pulse dye laser treatment a good option for me?

I have received kenalog injections that flattened all my keloids. My dermatologist did not provide laser treatment in the office. I have been reading... READ MORE

Scar on child's cheek. Anything to help it? Vbeam or Fraxel Restore? (Photo)

My daughter has had this scar on her cheek for the past four years. She was scratched by her baby brother's fingernail and the injury barely bled. No... READ MORE

Reduce or get rid of enlarged pore, rosacea or whatever this is? (Photo)

I've had 2 nose job and I'm very happy with the last one. Although I've always had a few bumps around my nose, mainly on the right side, that may have... READ MORE

VBEAM or KTP laser for KPRF?

Hello, I have Keratosis Rubra Faceii (redness on cheeks) and was wondering what laser should be used to treat this. Also wondering if there's is a... READ MORE

Can I apply stem cells or anthing else after treatment with V Beam laze? How long can I apply it to my derm? (Photo)

I had PWS. Can i apply stem cells or anthing else after treatment with vbeam laze?. How long can i apply it to my derm?. And how many does it delete... READ MORE

Vertical Lines and Large Pores After V Beam

I got vertical line scars and what looks like very large pores from v beam laser done on my chin area. Anything that can be done? I also go some... READ MORE

What to Do After Unsuccessful IPL and V-Beam Treatments for Redness?

I've tried two IPL's, and recently a V-Beam treatment (about 2 weeks ago) for the treatment of persistent redness on my nose and cheeks. Also... READ MORE

Lips Are Permanently Damaged Due to a V-Beam Laser Treatment - Options?

Is there any procedure I can do to improve the burned tissue? Anything I can do which will help them retain moisture? The V-Beam burn was a year ago.... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation After V Beam

I had a little post acne mark lasered with a vbeam on my forehead, and ever since that spot no longer flushes red. the laser footprint is lighter than... READ MORE

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