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I Received a Few Vbeam Pulses on Top of the Cheek Bone Area. One Spot Still Red 6 Days Later, Is This Normal?

It seems as though there is increased telangectasias and redness on one exact pulse spot; it has been 6 days. Is it possible to have increased redness... READ MORE

Swelling and Redness Nearly 1 Week After V Beam, Is This Normal?

I had v beam 5 days go and still have swelling and lots of redness READ MORE

I Have Had Laser Treatment, 8 Days Later Face is Red Raw!! is This Normal?

Hi i had v bean treatment 10 days ago, bruising cleared at day 5, but day 8 while i was going for lunch, i felt hugh heat from my face, it has been... READ MORE

Can a Mole Reform After the V Beam?

Hi, yesterday I got the V beam done on two circular scars on my face. I got two benign moles removed from my face about a year ago for cosmetic... READ MORE

Normal Post V-beam For A Red Spot To Be Redder?

Hello. I just got a single spot v-beamed yesterday . It was a blemish that had healed about a week ago, but there was still a red spot that hadn't... READ MORE

I Had Vbeam for Bruising After Injectables Now a Lump Has Shown Up Where Bruise Was, Is this Common? (photo)

The bruising is almost all gone in all areas except the one under the eye and now it is raised or swollen. It was not before the vbeam. Is this common... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Redness and Burning Sensation 10 Days After VBeam?

I have had 5 VBeam treatments for flushing and a broken capillaries from rosacea. I was getting steady improvement over the course of the treatments.... READ MORE

V beam perfecta. When I will see first result. (photo)

Today I had v beam first time. My face was pink right after, but after 2 h looks normal and TOTALY the same like before. All redness and acne spots... READ MORE

A very dark post-VBeam scab is forming, is it normal? (Photo)

Hi to everyone, I have had my VBeam treatment done (3 days ago) and I have been wondering if it's normal to see this amount of dark red and scabs? I... READ MORE

Is it normal to see no results after 2 v beam treatments? (photo)

I have had 2 v beam treatments spaced 4 weeks apart and have seen NO improvement for my red acne scars. They fade and then flare up again...I think... READ MORE

Itchiness after Vbeam laser treatment. Is this normal?

I had the vbeam laser done with bruising several hours ago and am experiencing extreme itchiness in the treated areas. Is this normal? And is there... READ MORE

Is it normal to not get a good response from multiple v-beams?

I was told by my dermatologist that 2-3 v-beam treatments should clear up my diffuse redness on my cheeks caused by rosacea. I ended up having 12... READ MORE

Small lumps below eyes one month after v beam? (photo)

I have swelling below my eyes after vbeam a month ago. Dermotoligist gave me hydrocortisone to put on twice per day but it's not working, he says best... READ MORE

I had a treatment for age spots and some spider veins-over my whole face. I had extensive swelling and bumps under the skin.

Is this kind of swelling normal? It has been one week-I am much, much better, and my skin looks good, but I still have swelling under my chin on the... READ MORE

Redness returning after initial vbeam?

I have some redness and dilated capillaries on my nose. I had an initial non purpuric vbeam done 2 weeks ago (note I am Indian hence have light brown... READ MORE

Flushing after V Beam?

I had my first vbeam treatment a week ago. Face already feels less red but my flushing seems to be worse, is this normal? What can I do to help the... READ MORE

An Update: A very dark post-VBeam, is it normal? (Photo)

Dear all, I have decided to post another picture of the spot, it looks a little lighter but I'm still concerned. It's been more than a week since the... READ MORE

Is this an unusual reaction and bruising with V Beam? I am completely shocked by the extent of bruising. (photos)

Does it look like I will be scarred or have hyper pigmentation from this? How long will it take to look normal? I had the treatment yesterday READ MORE

Is the swelling suppose to get worse before it gets better after V Beam?

After vbeam treatment for mild rosacea I am having swelling that has worsened since the treatment is that normal?? The first day I had very little... READ MORE

Persistent swelling under eye. Should I be concerned?

Hello, it has been 3 weeks since my first v beam treatment, very low settings, non-purpuric. I have minor swelling still under one eye that was... READ MORE

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