Lines + V Beam

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I think my vbeam may have been messed up. Can it make vessels and skin look worse? (Photo)

There is a distinct red line on the side of my nose that was not there before. Is this normal? I've had the vbeam done before and I've never had this... READ MORE

I have some strange wrinkled lines after Vbeam. Is this a side effect? (Photo)

I've had 3 Vbeams over 3 months. My last treatment was 4 weeks ago. After the swelling went down the last time, I noticed some strange wrinkled lines... READ MORE

Red lines from v beam.

I recently had v beam done on my nose and am noticing red lines almost like grooves where the laser was used to outline a vein not just spot treat.... READ MORE

What Causes "Lines" in my Cheeks After V Beam? These Are Not Indentions, Merely Light Pink Lines.

I've had 2 V Beam laser treatments and go in for my 3rd in 2 days. Please keep in mind, I've never been diagnosed with Rosacea, never had Acne, and do... READ MORE

Do slight indented lines from v beam go away or are they permanent scars?

I had my third v beam treatment done one week ago. I am very concerned because it left me with a couple slightly indented lines in my cheeks which has... READ MORE

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