Hyperpigmentation + V Beam

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Is V Beam Safe for Ethnic Skin?

Hi, I am 43, suffer from melasma and have tried Triluma, Cosmelan and a Vitamin C serum at different times for it with mixed results. The first two... READ MORE

V Beam PERFECTA for Redness and Hyperpigment?

I've read on Candela's website that the PERFECTA can treat vascular things as well as pigment things. Is it able to do this in one pass (one... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Post Vbeam Laser? (photo)

So I had an aggressive vbeam laser treatment 6 weeks ago and I am left with brown hyperpigmentation that is very noticeable. Is this permanent or will... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Minimize Potential Hyperpigmentation by Vbeam?

I haven't had V beam done yet. Im doing it for a ruddy/red area near my nasal fold area from acne scarring which is now surface level. What pre... READ MORE

Is V Beam Recommended For Small Capillaries? What Are The Chances For Hyperpigmentation?

I'm considering having V Beam treatment on my face for some small capillaries on my chin, nose, moustache and cheek. I have mild rosacea and seb... READ MORE

Hemosiderin Stain or Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I had an aggressive vbeam treatment 4 weeks ago and I am left with big patches of brown marks on my face. This has never happened... READ MORE

Can V-Beam Pulsed Dye Laser Be Used on Penis?

I have some freckles on the tip my penis. I've been to a doctor before and it was identified as hyper pigmentation. Even though they are not... READ MORE

Can you get Vbeam laser treatments too close together?

I am receiving VBeam treatments for my post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. My doctor has spaced them 2 weeks apart. I have heard most people space... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for diffuse redness, telangiectasia and hyperpigmentation?

Hi there, im a 39 yo caucasian female with fair skin. I have sun damage, hyperpigmentation, diffuse redness and a few broken capillaries. Had IPL... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation on Fitzpatrick IV from Vbeam?

I had Vbeam done on my face for broken blood vessels/thready veins. The Dr. was very conservative because of my skin color (Fitzpatrick IV), but I... READ MORE

More aggressive Vbeam treatment interval between each session?

Vbeam laser was used to treat my hyperpigmentation scars caused by CO2 laser. The settings were high, but I was told I can have the next session in 2... READ MORE

A Few V Beam Bruises are still dark and visible after 7 weeks, is that something to be concerned about?

I had a V-Beam treatment done to remove broken blood vessels in the face. It's now been 7 weeks and there's still about 4 bruises visible from the... READ MORE

Why am I being recommended VBeam?

I have mild acne with severe melasma. I am an olive skin woman; 43. I have done Cosmelan in the past. I just finished a series of ViPeels. Achieved... READ MORE

Is this an unusual reaction and bruising with V Beam? I am completely shocked by the extent of bruising. (photos)

Does it look like I will be scarred or have hyper pigmentation from this? How long will it take to look normal? I had the treatment yesterday READ MORE

How long I will be bruised? (Photo)

I had a Vbeam laser treatment 2 weeks and 2 days ago, on a high setting I guess. I didn't get the sun at all, still wearing a good layer of sunscreen... READ MORE

Can V Beam Make Melasma/hyperpigmentation Worse?

After fraxel I developed melasma/hyperpigmenation above my lip. I also have broken capillaries and redness in this area. I would like to try... READ MORE

Can Vbeam Leave Permanent Burn Marks or Hyperpigmentation?

I had the treatment done on old strech marks on my tummy and have dark red marks really worried sick READ MORE

V-Beam Vs. IPL for Hyperpigmentation?

Will v-beam help with hyperpigmentation or would the ipl be more effective? READ MORE

Will VBeam get rid of the redness on my cheeks (light tanned skin)? (Photo)

I have an appointment for the vbeam. I was wondering if this laser is right for me. Do I have a greater chance of having permanent redness or... READ MORE

How Long After V-Beam on a Red Mark Can I Start an Accutane Course?

I know accutane slows down the healing process and all that. I had V-Beam today and was wondering when I can start a course of Accurtane afterwards?... READ MORE

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