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How Long Does Redness Last After V Beam?

I had V Beam treatment a week ago for broken blood vessels on face, and had a significant swelling that subsided after a few days. However, I still... READ MORE

Can V Beam Help Diffused Redness if IPL Didnt Help?

I have had about 8 IPL treatments for pretty bad redness and veins. The IPL helped a lot, mostly with the veins though. I am considering V Beam for... READ MORE

Can V Beam Make Facial Redness and Bumps Worse or Cause Permanent Damage to the Face?

What are negatives or downsides of Vbeam laser procedure. What is success rate & how long do results last? Thks. READ MORE

Does V Beam Destroy the Veins of Your Face?

I really want to know about the side effects of v beam. Is it possible v beam could bring any serious side effects? I heard v beam destroys the vein... READ MORE

Vbeam After IPL Treatments?

I had a bad experience with Microdermabrasion. It left me horribly red and veiny. I have had about 8 IPL treatments with good results. It got rid of... READ MORE

Is There a Permanent Treatment for Telangiectasias ("broken Capillaries")?

My dermatologist treats me with a dye laser. I wear sunscreen and don't smoke, but the veins on my nostrils always return in 8 -10 mos. I think he... READ MORE

How Soon After VBeam Can I Have Brief Sun Exposure?

How soon after VBeam that didn't leave bruising or much redness can I walk to my car a few times a day which takes a couple minutes each time? Thanks! READ MORE

V Beam laser settings: what number setting, limit, to avoid bruising?

I,ve had two v beam laser treatment , for facial redness, but can,t see any improvement. the first treatment there was no over lapping, second... READ MORE

Can a Mole Reform After the V Beam?

Hi, yesterday I got the V beam done on two circular scars on my face. I got two benign moles removed from my face about a year ago for cosmetic... READ MORE

Spider Angioma darker after Vbeam treatment? (photos)

My daughter had vbeam laser treatment for a spider angioma. It was pink/red before treatment and now it is brown/red. Her skin is smooth (no swelling... READ MORE

Any suggestions for speeding up healing from V beam laser treatment on facial port wine stain birthmark?

I received v beam laser treatment, setting 9.5 on a port wine stain mark on my cheek. The purple bruising went down in a few days but it has now been... READ MORE

V beam perfecta. When I will see first result. (photo)

Today I had v beam first time. My face was pink right after, but after 2 h looks normal and TOTALY the same like before. All redness and acne spots... READ MORE

I have thread veins on my face and I have tried veinwave, injections and IPL but none have worked. Shall I try vbeam?

Am worried about the sideeffects as already have scars from previous treatments and my face swelled up when had ipl. READ MORE

V Beam and Facial Fat Loss

I had v beam treatment 8 months ago and I now have facial fat loss. I had V beam laser done that was turned on too high and caused blisters which left... READ MORE

More Redness After V Beam for Facial Veins

I had V Beam treatment for small facial veins on my face four weeks ago. I instantly had scabs in the areas the doctor treated. They fell off a few... READ MORE

What is the Highest Power Setting That V-Beam Can Go To? (How Many Joules?)

I have had 2 V-Beam treatments for red marks on my face. The first at 8.75 Joules and the second at 9.25 Joules. Only one red mark ever has purpura,... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Peel a Lot After IPL, V-Beam & Blu-light Laser Treatments?

I had a laser treatment a week ago using 3 different types of laser, IPL, V-Beam, and Blu-light. Now my face is profusely peeling, not just flaking.... READ MORE

Using Facial Toners After an IPL/V-Beam Treatments?

I have always used a toner or astringent as a part of facial cleansing routine; but would like to know if it is OK to continue after having laser... READ MORE

Do IPL and V-Beam Treat Large Areas or Do They Target Specific Spots Only?

2-weeks ago I had IPL; V-Beam and 5 minutes of Blu-Light laser all in one appointment. This was to get rid of "precancerous" spots on the... READ MORE

V Beam Laser After Partially Removing Eyebrow Tattoo?

I'm going to be getting a V Beam treatment to help remove the redness on my face. But, 3 months ago, I had my brows tattooed a light ash brown color.... READ MORE

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