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Will V-beam Laser Completely Remove my Red Marks from Acne?

I used to have cystic acne now is gone and I have red marks from it after using Accutane. A few sessions with v beam will get rid of them ?I don't... READ MORE

Will VBeam Treat White Stretch Marks?

I want to know if VBeam treats mature white stretch marks and I have asian skin tone. READ MORE

Is Vbeam Laser Without Purpura Effective to Reduces Permanently Redness on Cheeks?

I have red cheeks since I was 10 years but a few years ago the redness have increased with some flushing so I had my first Vbean treatment yesterday.... READ MORE

Results with levulan and V-beam? (photos)

I havevery fair skin, and am currently dealing with acne and red marks. I had a consultation and was recommended to get a Vbeam treatment with levulan... READ MORE

What settings are best to start with when treating Rosacea with a Vbeam Perfecta Laser? (Photo)

I have Rosacea, subtype 1 - erythema and flushing. I have decided to look into treatment with the Vbeam Perfecta laser. I am planning on having a... READ MORE

V beam vs Nd:Yag

Which of these two is safer for removing dark spots, veins and redness left from acne ? Also which one is the most effective for the above? READ MORE

When to start beam after Accutane?

Im am coming up on exactly six months post accutane. I was wondering if it would be safe and effective to start beam treatments for overall post... READ MORE

Treating matting of the blood vessels, what is the safest and most effective solution?

I have some matting of the vessels on my nose due to a failed vbeam treatment.  READ MORE

Can diffused facial redness (a result of CO2 laser) be treated by V Beam laser (pulsed dye laser)?

1.5 years ago I chose CO2 laser treatment to resurf my face. But it is still pink now, I think it's a result of dilated blood vessels. Is Vbeam laser... READ MORE

Vbeam laser effective for a 3 year old surgical scar?

I had a wide local excision done on my wrist 3 years ago to remove a mole diagnosed as a possible melanoma in situ, leaving about a one-inch scar. The... READ MORE

Does sub-purpuric vbeam work on telangiectasia?

I've had 2 sub-purpuric vbeam treatments so far for redness and telangiectasia on the nasal tip. My Dr is wary of purpuric settings because of my... READ MORE

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