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Will V-beam Laser Completely Remove my Red Marks from Acne?

I used to have cystic acne now is gone and I have red marks from it after using Accutane. A few sessions with v beam will get rid of them ?I don't... READ MORE

Will VBeam Treat White Stretch Marks?

I want to know if VBeam treats mature white stretch marks and I have asian skin tone. READ MORE

Is Vbeam Laser Without Purpura Effective to Reduces Permanently Redness on Cheeks?

I have red cheeks since I was 10 years but a few years ago the redness have increased with some flushing so I had my first Vbean treatment yesterday.... READ MORE

Results with levulan and V-beam? (photos)

I havevery fair skin, and am currently dealing with acne and red marks. I had a consultation and was recommended to get a Vbeam treatment with levulan... READ MORE

What settings are best to start with when treating Rosacea with a Vbeam Perfecta Laser? (Photo)

I have Rosacea, subtype 1 - erythema and flushing. I have decided to look into treatment with the Vbeam Perfecta laser. I am planning on having a... READ MORE

When to start beam after Accutane?

Im am coming up on exactly six months post accutane. I was wondering if it would be safe and effective to start beam treatments for overall post... READ MORE

V beam vs Nd:Yag

Which of these two is safer for removing dark spots, veins and redness left from acne ? Also which one is the most effective for the above? READ MORE

Treating matting of the blood vessels, what is the safest and most effective solution?

I have some matting of the vessels on my nose due to a failed vbeam treatment.  READ MORE

Can diffused facial redness (a result of CO2 laser) be treated by V Beam laser (pulsed dye laser)?

1.5 years ago I chose CO2 laser treatment to resurf my face. But it is still pink now, I think it's a result of dilated blood vessels. Is Vbeam laser... READ MORE

Does sub-purpuric vbeam work on telangiectasia?

I've had 2 sub-purpuric vbeam treatments so far for redness and telangiectasia on the nasal tip. My Dr is wary of purpuric settings because of my... READ MORE

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