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IPL Vs V Beam for Rosacea

I am 35 year old male & have slight rosacea on my nose , upper cheeks along & some occular rosacea. I've been on antibiotics for 4 months... READ MORE

I Received a Few Vbeam Pulses on Top of the Cheek Bone Area. One Spot Still Red 6 Days Later, Is This Normal?

It seems as though there is increased telangectasias and redness on one exact pulse spot; it has been 6 days. Is it possible to have increased redness... READ MORE

Is V-Beam Good for Facial Erythema / Ruddy Complexion?

I have mild rosacea on my cheeks, when i'm not flushed i'm a bit pink. Would V-beam on low settings help me? READ MORE

Is Vbeam Laser Without Purpura Effective to Reduces Permanently Redness on Cheeks?

I have red cheeks since I was 10 years but a few years ago the redness have increased with some flushing so I had my first Vbean treatment yesterday.... READ MORE

How Long Before Treated Area Clears Up?

I had Vbeam laser surgery on my cheeks on both sides of my face on Monday and today if Friday. They told me it would only last a few days. It looked... READ MORE

What treatment would help get rid of dilated blood vessels and redness on my cheeks? (photo)

I have been noticing these purple and red vein formations on my cheeks, as well as redness on my cheeks. I would like to get rid of these issues... READ MORE

Vbeam laser to treat KPRF (redness on cheeks)?

Hello, I am wondering if a Vbeam laser would be optimal for treating Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Faceii (KPRF). I have a bit of a unique case, as I only... READ MORE

Does the swelling after vbeam usually get worse before better? (Photo)

I had vneam on Friday that day I had a few wells on my cheeks but then Saturday when I woke up I was completely swollen my eyes where swollen and my... READ MORE

Does the VBeam laser show immediately results?

Are VBeam laser results immediate or does it improve over time? I had a first treatment a few weeks ago. My skin does not show much improvement. I... READ MORE

Any suggestions for speeding up healing from V beam laser treatment on facial port wine stain birthmark?

I received v beam laser treatment, setting 9.5 on a port wine stain mark on my cheek. The purple bruising went down in a few days but it has now been... READ MORE

Red Cheeks (Keratosis Pilaris Rubra) - I would like to find a doctor with experience treating KPR.

I have rosy cheeks due to KPR (flat, smooth, redness with no papules). I have read several studies suggesting that treatment with the V-Beam Perfecta... READ MORE

Circle After Vbeam? (photo)

Why is there a penny sized circle on my cheek after vbeam? It came up about a week or so after the procedure. It is not filled in or anything. Just a... READ MORE

I Had Scar Removal on my Cheek a Few Days Ago. How Soon Can I Use VBeam to Help Remove the Redness?

I had scar removal on my cheek 3 days ago by a facial plastic surgeon. I am anxious to help get rid of the redness. I purchased silicon sheets and... READ MORE

Is it safe to use V-Beam laser on the face if Juvederm has been injected into the cheek area?

Since Juvederm works by absorbing water, would Juvederm absorb any swelling from the V-Beam and lead to long-term puffiness in the area treated? READ MORE

What are the optimal (non purpuric) Vbeam settings for the treatment of the diffused redness form of rosacea in the cheek area?

I have undertaken 3 of 6 Vbeam sessions for the treatment of diffused redness rosacea in the cheek area, with minor results. From reading another... READ MORE

Is it normal to not get a good response from multiple v-beams?

I was told by my dermatologist that 2-3 v-beam treatments should clear up my diffuse redness on my cheeks caused by rosacea. I ended up having 12... READ MORE

What to Do After Unsuccessful IPL and V-Beam Treatments for Redness?

I've tried two IPL's, and recently a V-Beam treatment (about 2 weeks ago) for the treatment of persistent redness on my nose and cheeks. Also... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for V Beam in Southern California

Currently taking retin a 0.1 and hydroquinone but its working way to slow. im seeking for a good doctor that wont charge me alot. im in southern c.a i... READ MORE

What Causes "Lines" in my Cheeks After V Beam? These Are Not Indentions, Merely Light Pink Lines.

I've had 2 V Beam laser treatments and go in for my 3rd in 2 days. Please keep in mind, I've never been diagnosed with Rosacea, never had Acne, and do... READ MORE

Do slight indented lines from v beam go away or are they permanent scars?

I had my third v beam treatment done one week ago. I am very concerned because it left me with a couple slightly indented lines in my cheeks which has... READ MORE

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