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How Long Does Redness Last After V Beam?

I had V Beam treatment a week ago for broken blood vessels on face, and had a significant swelling that subsided after a few days. However, I still... READ MORE

Bruising Necessary to Achieve Results from V Beam for Rosacea?

I had a vbeam treatment done this week and the doctor advised me that it is not necessary to bruise the skin in order to clear redness and broken... READ MORE

Why V Beam (Pulsed Dye Laser) is Not Effective Against the Flushing of Rosacea?

I had my 5th session of V beam ( pulsed dye laser) 3 weeks ago ,My experience with it was ok because it has removed the heavy redness,but my problem... READ MORE

Treatment for V Beam Bruises?

I have very obvious bruising from the V Beam treatment I had on 5/8/09- looks like chicken pox on my nose & inner cheek area. When can I expect... READ MORE

V Beam Laser Caused an Edema. What Can I Do?

Hello, Three months ago I had my final candela v beam treatment. After the procedure I was extremely swollen on right side of face. This edema has... READ MORE

More Spider Veins from Candela Vbeam Laser Vein Treatment?

I've noticed that more spider veins have appeared on the treated areas after the first session. I'm still due for a second round, though,... READ MORE

How Can I Fix Hypopigmentation After VBeam?

I have a lighter circular footprint spot from vbeam laser that was done on my forehead 5 years ago for pinkish post acne mark which i regret doing... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Drink Alcohol After a Vbeam Laser Treatment?

I had my first Vbeam treatment today. I have checked the internet and get different answeres to my question. Some say it's Ok to drink a day or 2... READ MORE

Not Much Improvement After Initial V-Beam Treatment

Hi, I had my VBeam last month and I still don't see much improvement in redness of my acne scars. Does it take more treatments to expect any... READ MORE

Trouble Clearing Up Rosacea Redness with V-Beam - More Aggressive Settings?

I've had two (very spread apart) treatments with the V-Beam for redness on my nose, cheeks, and chin. It seems like every time I go in for... READ MORE

6 Days Post Second Vbeam. Purple to Red but Aren't Fading?

Purple marks have turned to bright red but aren't fading. Help! The First time I had this done, my skin rebounded beautifully and from the moment I... READ MORE

How Long After a V-Beam Treatment Can I Start Getting a Tan?

I just had purpuric V-Beam about 12 days ago. When can I start getting a getting a mild tan? I only play to stay out in the sun for 20-30 minutes at a... READ MORE

3 Weeks Ago I Had my First Rosacea V Beam, my Face is Still Red and Even Redder, is It Normal?

I was diagnosed with rosacea. My dermatologist told me that 2 to 3 laser sessions will be required. I had my first session 3 weeks ago and rozex gel... READ MORE

How Long Should You Wait Before Weightlifting After Vbeam Treatment?

How long should you wait before weightlifting after getting a vbeam treatment for redness on the neck and chest? READ MORE

Does V Beam Destroy the Veins of Your Face?

I really want to know about the side effects of v beam. Is it possible v beam could bring any serious side effects? I heard v beam destroys the vein... READ MORE

Rosacea V-beam Swelling; Causes Wrinkles?

I just had my 2nd v-beam treatement for rosacea (my last one was 3 years ago). The area under my eyes is so severely swollen...I got to wondering if... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Post Vbeam Laser? (photo)

So I had an aggressive vbeam laser treatment 6 weeks ago and I am left with brown hyperpigmentation that is very noticeable. Is this permanent or will... READ MORE

Is There a Permanent Treatment for Telangiectasias ("broken Capillaries")?

My dermatologist treats me with a dye laser. I wear sunscreen and don't smoke, but the veins on my nostrils always return in 8 -10 mos. I think he... READ MORE

How Soon After VBeam Can I Have Brief Sun Exposure?

How soon after VBeam that didn't leave bruising or much redness can I walk to my car a few times a day which takes a couple minutes each time? Thanks! READ MORE

V Beam and Facial Fat Loss

I had v beam treatment 8 months ago and I now have facial fat loss. I had V beam laser done that was turned on too high and caused blisters which left... READ MORE

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