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Tummy Tuck Scheduled for July 23rd. So Nervous and Scared.

Well I am doing it. Going for that tummy tuck this Friday (July 23rd). I am so scared. This site is helping me cope with the nerves since most are saying it was worth it. I think what makes me nervous more is the drain tubes being on so long. Unfortunately, I have to go back to work on Wednesday (July 28th). Oh boy!! The results of the tummy tucks seem so great!! I was actually going to get... READ MORE

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Had Tummy Tuck 2 Years Ago and Scar Still Very Red and Still Puffy? Is This Normal?

I had the TT 2 years ago and I am quite happy as I don't have the stomach that I did after having 2 children. My question is that I still have much swelling (majority during... READ MORE

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Had TT end of July and looks great but except for puffiness where scar ends I am pleased with the TT but now I am second guessin

My hips look yucky. My hips have a ripply looking texture on each side. My hips are now bigger prior to the TT and look bigger and stick out farther then before. Has this... READ MORE

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Well went back to work today (5 days post TT) and bad move. I felt so great even after surgery, but need more time to rest. I had taken the rest of the week off but have no choice but to go back tomorrow. I have a very impatient boss. ... READ COMMENT

Well went back to work today (5 days post TT) and bad move. I felt so great even after surgery, but need more time to rest. I now have a slight fever and quizzy. Since I have been home from this afternoon and laying with my feet up, I... READ COMMENT

Thank you. Today is day 3 and I feel great. I am definately going back to work on Wednesday for at least a few hours. I just feel a bit quizzy from the vicodin, but now I will be taking Motrin since I can now tolerate the pain. I... READ COMMENT

You will be okay. I know...I worried about the infections as well. But your doctor will prescripe an antibotic to take post op to lessen the chase of having one. Try not to worry. Yesterday was my surgery and I am not feeling that... READ COMMENT

I do not have a pain pump, which is fine because the vicodin is working just fine. I would try as much as possible not to lift the baby. Of course if you have to I think you will okay. Just try and have someone around to help you. ... READ COMMENT