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Blurry and Fluctuating Vision One Week After Lasik

I had my Lasik performed on July 2 and and it is now July 12. I constantly have flucuateing vision and its really hazy in dim light and I cant drive at night because it looks... READ MORE

Fuzzy Night Vision After Lasik

I had lasik 2 weeks ago today and my night vision still hasnt seem to return. When I get in dim light things kinda get fuzzy. What could be the cause of this? Or does my eyes... READ MORE

Starbursting 1 Month After Lasik

I had lasik done one month ago and still having starbursting. How long will it take to clear up? And what could be causing it? READ MORE

Wavelight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Flying Spot Laser from Alcon

What is the Max Optical Zone and Treatment Zone that this laser could correct? How good is this laser? So far its been 6 weeks and my night vision only improves when I put on a... READ MORE

What Size is the Flap Cut for Intralase?

Just doing some research on how the flap is made. I was wondering if the flap is cut to the size of your iris to enlarge a treatment zone or how does that work? READ MORE

Whats is the Average Pupil Size?

In daylight and darkness. I'm 28 and wondering what it should be around? READ MORE

Loss of Contrast

I've noticed that since I've had intralase lasik things look strange when the lighting is dim, but when I go outside in daylight things return to normal. I had it July... READ MORE

Night Vision After Lasik

When does the night vision clear up after lasik. I had mine done by the Allegretto Wavelight Eye - Q. So far 7 weeks and bad night vision. I still have some minor rx left over... READ MORE

Does Having Lasik Make Your Pupils Dilate More Than They Did Pre-op?

For some reason ever since I had lasik my eyes seem to get bigger than they were before lasik. I've read in articles that having unequal eye prescriptions will cause this.... READ MORE

Lasik waiver for pupils larger than normal

I was wondering that when you have your pre op exam is there a form that you would have to sign if the doctor tells you your pupils are larger than normal but you still want to... READ MORE

Lasik Enhancement

Can an enhancement be done just to correct haloing and starbursting? What is the chance that with an enhancement that it would go away? Supposedly I have 20/20 in my right and... READ MORE

Does Lasik Cause Pupil Shift?

I've read some articles that having lasik causes your pupils to shift off center. Just wondering how true is this. Is a persons pupils naturally centered in the iris or are... READ MORE

Very Large Pupils and Lasik Surgery

What do most lasik surgeons consider very large pupils? I've read the pupil dilates naturally at night from 5-8 mm. Can it get bigger than that? Just really curious. Cant... READ MORE

Alphagan P - My Only Option?

So the verdict is in. I went for my 3 month post op today and found out they measured my pupil at 6mm when it was really at 8mm. They said that within the next 5-10 years I may... READ MORE

Optical Zone for 8.5mm Pupil

I had lasik done in July 2010 and now I'm wearing mini scleral lenses to help correct the halos, starbursts and glare issues I'm having. My question is that my optical... READ MORE

Lasik Enhancement: Still Seeing Starbursting off Lights

I had my lasik enhancement a week ago today. I'm still seeing the starbursting off lights at night and halos. What could still be causing this? My pupil is close to 8mm... READ MORE

Recent comments from firefighter76651

I know how you feel. I had the same thing happen to me in july 2010. I think pupil size is the problem with mine. I had a 6.5mm optical zone, 1.25mm transition zone and 9mm blend zone on a 8.5mm pupil. On my charts they put my pupils... READ COMMENT

I had my done on July 2, 2010 by Dr. Whitman. Its been three weeks as of today and my night vision still hasnt gotton back to normal. How long did it take yours to return? READ COMMENT