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WOW - Amazing photos! But I have to ask you a couple of questions, was the before picture of you taken while you were smiling or not? If that is a picture without smiling - I understand the need for drastic measures! Second... READ COMMENT

Hi dimsumjenny, Can you post a picture? I would love to know where you went to have your surgery. I also live in silicon valley and am looking at going for a consultation in Fremont. I think knowing where not to go is as important... READ COMMENT

Would you recommend your doctor? I live in the area and would LOVE to find someone trustworthy nearby. READ COMMENT

You look amazing! Did you do the upper and the lower or just the upper? I have a lot of wrinkly skin on the bottom and was wondering if that would get rid of it. How long after the surgery can you start to wear make up? READ COMMENT

Wow! This is so informative - I am so fed up with how the skin under my eyes look and was researching the fraxel treatment but now am having second thoughts after reading this. Have your results gotten any better since this last blog? READ COMMENT