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I agree with jd1menke. I didn't do Mixto because I had a few wrinkle lines. I did because it started to affect my life. That kind of comments only make people feel guilty after going through the pain of corrective treatment. You don't... READ COMMENT

I am sorry Mixto didn't do you good. I did Mixto with a plastic surgeon. The first time he used a low power to "burn" my face. He increased the power on the 2nd and 3rd visit. I was told to take care of my face esp. the 1st 2 weeks... READ COMMENT

I am 36 and have had this scar all over my face since I had skin infection when I was 17. the scars were deep and covered the whole of my face. I was adviced by my plastic surgeon to undergo 6 Cooltouch and 3 Mixto. At the advice of his... READ COMMENT