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Scar Removal Great but There is a Reason No Plastic Surgeon Specializes in Scar Removal - Newport Beach, CA

I wanted to sit down and review my experience with working with my plastic surgeon. I had amazing neck lift done by him (see photos here) and decided to have a scar revision done by my plastic surgeon. I should mention what my plastic surgeon originally said to me when I spoke to him about Scar Revision. “You will notice that virtually no plastic surgeon actively pursues scar revision... READ MORE

Vaneers Worth It

I've had my Vaneers for a few years now. When I was little I had a huge overbite and a small space in between my teeth. I had braces for awhile but eventually I finally had them taken off as they were just too painful. I was being told they would be done in a few more months again and again. So a small space in my front teeth existed. Well a few years ago I finally decided to do something... READ MORE

TCA Peel Recommend It BUT Read This First - San Diego, CA

I can recommend a TCA peel for sunspots, acne scars and such quite easily. As I write this TCA peels only get a 48% approval. I'll point something out about the negative reviews. A lot of them wrote reviews on the 3rd or 4th day. They also wrote reviews who self administered and used a very strong strength on themselves 20%+ This is nuts. It's way too much especially for a first time.... READ MORE

Neck Lift: Great Experience - Newport Beach, CA

My girlfriend Wendy has been modeling for years. She's had a lot of plastic surgery over the years to help further her career. When I saw the photos of before and after of her I had to admit. Wow what a difference. I'm a normal guy who makes a decent income. I've been constantly working on myself as long as I can remember. I've done all kinds of psychological work cleaning... READ MORE

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MIchelle   Age sometimes doesn't matter for people.  Eric and I both inherited a bad neckline.  It can be genetic.   A LOT of doctors do necklifts in different ways.  THEY MUST CUT and RETIE the... READ COMMENT

On fat grafting I'm overall for it, it just depends on the doctor.   Girlfriend's had it done to her lower eyes.  Made a drastic good difference.   I have made an actual friend with my plastic... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing, hang in there.   You are similar to me, lots of research.  I did the samething when I jumped into surgery.    I strongly recommend  while recoverying.  Catch up... READ COMMENT

Thanks Crystal Glad to help out on the LSL bs. I find it interesting how it used to be rated very poorly but surely the ratings have turned over 50%. Majority are without photos and even some with photos are fishy. (I called... READ COMMENT

Http:// There used to actually be a link on realself about this court ruling but it seems to have been removed... READ COMMENT