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Is It Possible to Split Internal Stitches in the Breast After Reduction Surgery?

I am 33, 5'10 and had 900cc from EACH breast removed exactly one week ago. I wear a very light bra with some support per my MD's directions. Today, as I was walking... READ MORE

How Long After Facial Liposuction Can I Use Clairsonic on Face and Neck?

I had neck/facial liposuction a week ago. I have been very good about wearing the chin strap practically 24 hours a day. However, the chin strap has made my roseacea/fair skin... READ MORE

How Long After Major Breast Reduction Until I See my New Size Breasts?

I had a breast reduction 4 weeks and took 900cc out of one breast and 870cc out of another. I was a 40G and was hoping to be a small C. (My doctor and I discussed this prior to... READ MORE

Lumpy and Bumpy 4 Weeks Post-facial Liposuction: Will Massage Help?

I had facial liposuction 4 weeks ago on the area under my chin, neck and "jowls." I am 33 and it looks pretty good. There is some swelling still and it feels lumpy or... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Facial Liposuction Swelling to Go Away?

I am 4 weeks post op facial liposuction. I have under my chin, neck and jowls suctioned. I can see some results and they look pretty good. There seems to be quite a bit of... READ MORE

Is Swelling Fluctuation Normal 8 Weeks Post-Op Facial Liposuction?

I am just shy of 8 weeks post-op facial liposuction. Overall, I am VERY happy with the results. However, in the past 5 days, I have noticeably increased swelling in the area... READ MORE