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Traditional butt lift, BBL, Lipo of abdomen, and flanks

Hey all! After snooping here on RealSelf for a few months i've finally decided to make a profile and take the first step into changing my body. After a lot of research and practically reading every story on Real Self from Dr. Campos, Dr. Cardenas, Dr. Pantojas and some other doc ( i forgot his... READ MORE

Restylane Experience - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hi all. Im a 28 yr old female that was in need of some plumping up of my nasolabial folds (laugh lines). I went in for the consult and was told I only needed one syringe. Well for 3 days b4 my procedure I took Arnica Montana tablets to help with the bruising. I came in today scared as heck... READ MORE

Arm Lipo- Tijuana, MX

So this is my 2nd review for surgery with Dr. Campos. I had a traditional butt lift with lipo to my stomach back in February 2014. Noe I'm ready to do my arms! My arms make me look chunky. I'm a Lil nervous but excited at the same time. I will be paying my $600 deposit tomorrow to lock in my... READ MORE

Questions from CubiG

Is it normal to have dark stools after lipo?

Hello I just had liposuction surgery along with a butt lift 5 days ago and today I had a very dark , like black bowel movement. Is that normal or should I be worried? READ MORE

Will I need to remove my IUD Mirena birth control before surgery?

I will be having liposuction in December and I'm just wondering if I need to remove it before surgery? I've heard hormones in birth control affect blood clots etc.. READ MORE

Best treatment for disappearing lips? (photos)

Hello I'm 30 yrs old. I have never smoked. I noticed my top lip has been getting smaller. And the line on one side is disappearing. And two lines have appeared over my lip on... READ MORE

What would be best option for under eye hollows? (photos)

Hello, I wanted to know what would be best treatment option based on my pictures. My eyes seem hollow and they look a little dark. I know there is restylane, but I'm very... READ MORE

What treatment options are available for my under eye lines? (Photo)

Hi. I'm 31 years old and recently noticed some lines developing under my eyes. Its more noticeable when I look up. I just want to nip this in the bud before they become worser... READ MORE

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They look really good! Such a big diff. I also am thinking about getting 550cc like you. Is yours above the muscle or under? READ COMMENT

Thanks. I'm actually thinking of getting some revision work done in September. That's when my next vacay is READ COMMENT

Thank you for your nice words. And I'm sorry u had a bad experience. I do have to say though, u look a lot better. Your burns look a lot lighter now from your recent pics. U have a cute shape. And girl your stomach looks flatter than... READ COMMENT


I heard about laser lipo but heard sometimes it causes burns, so I just stuck with regular lipo. I do have two small scars behind my arms. But u can't really see them :) the laser that tightens saggy skin is not lipo related. Its just a... READ COMMENT