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Possible to Make Nose Shorter Without Altering my Face?

My nose doesn't fit the law of vertical thirds--it's about half a centimeter too long. It's a typical asian nose...bridge isn't very defined, and I have a round... READ MORE

Will Cartilage Grafts to Nostrils Make Nose Seem Longer?

My nostrils are retracted and rounded, and a doctor suggested reducing the view from the front with cartilage grafts from my ear. But will this make my nose seem longer... READ MORE

Chin Implant After Radiesse?

I got a Radiesse chin augmentation in August. While my chin does look better, I still have grooves where my lower cheek fat meets my chin area. In other words, the Radiesse... READ MORE

How Much Can Botox Lower a Brow?

By how many millimeters can Botox lower eyebrows? I'd like to lower my eyebrows by as much as a centimeter. If not, would an endoscopic reverse browlift give me these... READ MORE

Removal of Lower Cheek Fat?

I'm interested in removing the fat from my lower cheek area (at the corner of my mouth and under.) I look chubby when I smile. However, in a consultation I was told that... READ MORE

Microliposuction for Lower Cheeks

Is it advisable in the area I've circled? My cheeks are very full/assymetric. In my family this trait persists for both my parents, who are well into their 50s. In cases... READ MORE