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When's the Soonest I Can Have a Rhinoplasty Revision?

Just had a rhinoplasty done about a week ago and i no everyone keeps saying give it time to go down for the swelling but i no its not going to go down to what i want it to be.... READ MORE

Confused About Rhinoplasty Results

Im kind of confused to what my surgeon did. I had a bump that i wanted to be shaven down and the tip just needed to be lifted a little. Right now i feel the tip is too high up... READ MORE

Nonsurgical Nose Job to Increase Tip Length?

Its been about 4 weeks since my rhinoplasty and what i wanted was for the bump to be shaved down and tip to just be a little lifted. my tip seems way to high up and shorter... READ MORE

Nonsurgical Nose Job Tip Fillers

I had a rhinoplasty done and feel the doctor took to much off my tip making me feel uncomfortable.i was wondering if they can add onto a tip using the nonsurgical fillers? if... READ MORE

Closed or Open Rhinoplasty Better for Revision?

Ive already had an open one. my nose was broken and brought in, my tip turned up and some off of it & bump filed down.The only thing is he added septum cartilage to the top... READ MORE

Why Can't I Get a Revision Rhinoplasty Sooner?

All i want done is my nose to be filed down more and my tip to be added onto just a little. Dont worry about the filing down to low thing because there is aloooot of room... READ MORE

When Can I Get my Rhinoplasty Results Shaved Down?

I seriously need help/rhinoplasty disaster-when is earliest earliest u can get revision? i had a bump and a little bit of a bulbous tip. I just wanted it shaved down and lifted... READ MORE

Possible to Lengthen the Tip After Previous Rhinoplasty?

How do they lengthen your tip after your previous rhinoplasty where they took a little too much off.it wouldnt be that much probably a milimeter.so how do they do this? is it... READ MORE

Waiting Timeline for Revision Rhinoplasty

Why do some doctors say its ok to wait 2 months to do a revision and others say 6 months to a year? if its to lower the bridge and not to add to it is there harm in doing it... READ MORE

A Question About Swelling

I know swelling makes the nose look wider and the tip gets swollen.but does it effect the bridge in height? im just so confused because my surgeon said he shaved down my bump... READ MORE

How different does the nose really look after swellings gone down?

How different does the nose really look after swellings gone down.if they tell you noone else will notice your swelling going down only you then that worries me because i... READ MORE

How Much Swelling is Possible After Rhinoplasty?

How many milimeters in swelling for bridge height is possible? and if your tip looks to upturned how far down can it come back down after swelling? READ MORE

I'm Getting a Rhinoplasty Revision After 2 Months - Harm?

Is there harm in getting it done in 2 months? i agreed to it because im desperate i feel so depressed and just hide away from my friends.just want to no is it just gonna get... READ MORE

Can Bad Cartilage Graft Be Shaved or Removed?

My surgeon used my septum cartilage above my bump which gives it a look like my nose is coming straight out of my forhead,its to masculine looking. I want it back to exactly... READ MORE

Are There Risks That Go Along With Fat Transfer To Breasts?

I know most people are recommending breast implants but i really dont want to get them. All i wanna fix is my asymmetry in my breasts. One is a B cup the other is a C so I just... READ MORE

Any Surgeons in San Francisco That Do Fat Transfer to Breasts?

If there are what are your prices and would you be able to do it to someone that weighed 107 pounds? READ MORE

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I know what your talking about where it should dip before the forhead.my surgeon doesnt get that it coming straight out doesnt look good and makes my eyes look different READ COMMENT

Hi i just had my surgery a month ago and have been hiding out in my house pretty much every day nonstop thinking about it all.all the regret and disappointment.im 18 and its the summer before i go to college. i was having fun with all... READ COMMENT

Hi so im confused you had one done then another 2 months later and said you were happy after that?but now you want another one or you just want the filler to be used? im wondering this cause i just got my done and hateeee it. i dont... READ COMMENT